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Happy Thanksgiving (Snoopy ♥)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I love this picture. I think I shared it last year too. I can never share too much Snoopy.

By the time this is published, Mike and I will have attempted to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in person just by walking a few blocks north in the freezing cold.  

OR if the wind is over 34 mph, they already said that the larger balloons weren't gonna fly and that's what I really want to see anyway so fingers crossed I get to see the Snoopy balloon in person.  I haven't seen him since I was a little kid. 

Pulp Sushi Holiday Gift Guide: Photography Lover

PHOTOGRAPHY! You love it, I love it! We all love taking pictures with our shooter of choice. I got into photography back in Junior High School. I was gonna be a Concert Photographer when I grew up...didn't happen. While I resisted the whole digital thing at first, I obviously embrace it now and use my phone to take pictures more than an actual camera (unless it's for my shop).  Here are some great gift ideas for the photo buff in your life! 

The Frosted Petticoat is back on the blog! I can't help it, their work is amazing, here's a camera you can eat! Mmmm...chocolate!

Bonzart Lit Mini LCD Digital Camera from Dream In Plastic, it comes in other colors but come on, it's PINK! They have a pretty extensive camera collection that any camera buff would love.

You love photography but not ready to commit permanently to skin? Buy the The Tattly Camera Tattoo Set at the Photojojo Store!

Ok folks, I could not pick just one pillow from In The Seam so here's their whole section of camera pillows.

New Flowers at Pulp Sushi

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you managed to stay warm, it's really chilly in New York, but that didn't stop me from making more flower jewelry pieces that can bring on thoughts of Spring, aaaaah!  Click on images to view shop listings. 



UPDATE: Sorry this necklace just sold Monday afternoon, woo!


I'm also still recovering from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode on Saturday, wowwy wow! Are you a Whovian? I can't wait for the Christmas episode and new season! Ok enough of the nerd alert. :) 

Pinterest For Business - A Follow-Up

Have I been talking a lot about Pinterest lately? I'm sorry if I have but I just love using it so much.  Back in April I wrote the blog post: Ways To Use Pinterest For Your Etsy Shop after trying to locate some of my friend's Etsy shops on Pinterest so I can pin their items without much luck.

Yesterday I got a sale directly from Pinterest and I'm just tickled pink about it so I wanted to share some more observations I've made since April.

Someone had this item "pinned" and their friend saw it and purchased it. How cool is that?

So if you haven't jumped on board yet, what are you waiting for? Don't worry, you won't be spammy if you pin your items regulary just as long as you don't bombard everyone's Pinterest feed with 100 pins at once (I hate that!).

Another tip I learned is to go back and repin some of your items to different boards so fresh eyes can see your item and pin them too.  I have a board for my shop but I also have boards dedicated to necklaces, earrings, and rings which also features a couple of my jewelry items.

And it's always a good idea to have boards that are just fun and reflect your other interests.  Wanna know one of my favorite Pinterest accounts? Lowe's!  Yes, the home improvement chain. You might think of Lowe's for guys and their power tools but this totally works. No wonder they have over three million followers!

Pulp Sushi Gift Holiday Guide: Music Lover

I'm constantly listening to music. I listen to music on my commute to work, and I have music playing while I'm working (at a respectable volume of course). One of the things that brought Mike and I together was our mutual taste in many of the same bands. It's pretty important. I can't be in a relationship with someone who loves Hip Hop or Pop Music and not into Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, or Punk. No! Music is pretty important, it provides comfort, conjures up feelings, drives us, so naturally there may be some people in our lives OBSESSED with music. Welcome to today's holiday gift guide theme! 

It's easy for me to pick a random band t-shirt, where's the fun in that? I kind of love this shirt from Crazy Dog T-Shirts. Know any DJs? I can't believe big headphones made a comeback!

Here's an adorable Harmonica Necklace from Red Truck Designs, yes it works! =D

You can have your pick of Rock Posters from Strawberryluna. Her style is so fun!



How about something for the kitchen?  A guitar serving board from Uncommon Goods where they have more gift ideas for music lovers

And speaking of guitars, here's a nice custom gift for the guitar player in your life from Cynical Redhead

My father was a musician when he was younger, he was a Salsa trumpet player, and today is his birthday so I dedicate this post to him! :)

What Inspires You? My Jewelry Inspiration Board

For years I've been talking about putting together an actual Inspiration Board. It's never happened. I never got around to it nor made the time to rip out pages in magazines and such to pin to an actual board that I don't have. 

Why did it take me so long to create a Jewelry Inspiration Board on Pinterest? Beats me.  When asked about what inspires me, I always mention color and color combinations. It could be something I see in the street, storefront window, on a plate, anywhere really.  Even when I pass the time on Pinterest I see images that I'm drawn to and enjoy how the colors mix together (kind of like 

Here are some images I hope to create something out of (eventually). If you're going to pin, please use the link below instead of the actual image..


I love everything in this picture.  I think I use Pink a lot in my work, I even have a board dedicated to pink too. 


These shades make me think of late Fall/Early Winter - before everything turns to white and ice blue. Isn't that red gorgeous? 

Do you keep a collection of inspiration images to refer back to?

Meet Amanda from Niescior's Notes

Photo 5I'd like you to meet Amanda from Niescior's Notes. Amanda is a Lifestyle blogger from South Africa sharing her many interests and passions while growing her blog. I'm happy to feature her today. 

I blog about things that make me happy or that I find interesting. When I first started out in August, I was so focused on finding my niche - but I've come to realize that although your readers are important, you can't blog just to please thing because then blogging becomes a chore... Just like me, my blog has a tendency to be awkward, random and unpredictable (in a good way). It makes for a light & fun (hopefully) read.

I like to ask my sponsors what they have gained from blogging and Amanda says:

"First and foremost I've gained friends from different parts of the world... I've also gained more self-confidence and I am starting to believe in myself a lot more. It sounds weird - but in a way through blogging, I'm slowly starting to find myself and discover new interests... Reading travel blogs has given me a lot more insight into the tourism industry (which is what I am studying) :)"

You can follow  her on Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram / Twitter / Bloglovin

Would you like to sponsor the blog? Rates and info can be found here

New Hairpins At Pulp Sushi Shop

Happy Monday everyone! I was able to add some new items to the shop over the weekend.  The shop was way overdue for some new sets of flower hairpins



And there's more where that came from, I was a gluing machine Friday night. I guess I was driven by the E-6000 fumes. :)  Unfortunately I didn't have time to photograph everything on Saturday so I was only able to list four for now.  Hope to add more soon! You can view them at

Life Lately...

Anyone else happy it's Friday? If not, then what's wrong with you?? Just wanted to let out (vent?) what's been going on lately....

We recently moved at my day job and the new environment is a lot different. It's very open now and when you have a lot of pet peeves like I do, this makes you want to stab your own face with a pencil.  I share a room with two other people who I've worked with for a while and we get along with but it's the little things, ya know? 

-singing to yourself
-snoring (yes snoring)

Plus whoever designed the new space must be a complete idiot. I won't go into all of the design flaws with this place, it just sucks.

I've expressed in the past on my blog that I'm not happy having to come here every day. I am here because I have to. This job is paying my bills and I'm trying to save money. Whatever money Pulp Sushi brings in goes right back in to the business and my other job is just speeding up all the debt-paying. Add the hassle of a long commute and it makes me want to tattoo FML across my forehead.

I made a bunch of new jewelry but I haven't had the time to photograph and list them in the shop.  I'm just waiting for my upcoming shows to see if they just sell there. If not, then you may not see a real shop update until after the holidays. I know that's terrible and probably poor planning on my part but the time it takes to photograph and edit photos, you'll be surprised how much time passes.  I try to fit it in on the weekends while I'm on break from my other job.  Plus I think my camera is dying, whomp whomp!

I just work way too goddamn much. Gee, sorry I sound like such a bummer on a Friday! So on a happy and cute note, here's a weenie dog taking a nap...


Pinterest source

Pulp Sushi Holiday Gift Guide: Animal Lover

Here's my first of a series of Holiday Gift Guides I'll be sharing on the blog. Each guide will cater to that certain someone in our lives who may (or may not) be hard to shop for. We all know people like this. Today we'll address the Animal Lover in our lives.

If they like jewelry, why not an Owl Necklace from my own shop? :)

Adorable Bull Terrier Dog Brooch from My Hideaway. Mary has several super cute animal brooches for sale.  

Perhaps your animal loving friend also loves cheese? It can happen! If they host parties, these Cheese Markers would do the trick from Peppersprouts. 

We all know a Crazy Cat Lady (can I still say "crazy"?) Bet they don't have a cat butt keychain do they? You can find them on Knot By Gran'ma

Pillows!  This set of Plush Sea Creature would be great in a kid's room right? More at Broderpress

How sweet is this GOOD DOG print from Bubby and Bean? 

One more for the doggies! THIS DRESS from Meerwiibli! She has a Cat dress too!