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Happy New Year 2014!

I was just looking at my post from last year and I chuckled. No profit, I gained weight, and no vacation. Yep. I'm not even gonna bother making goals this year lol!  I didn't even get to reaching my book reading goal of twenty books but that's ok.

It's been a super busy year and I feel more focused on my business and blog and I think if I were to make any goals in 2014, it's to not be so hard on myself if I hit a rut or not churning out as much jewelry as I could be. I'm happy that my new shop is set up and look forward to adding more items after the new year.

So no resolutions, no goals. Just gonna try to stay out of trouble, stay healthy, do more things that make me happy, and try to worry less. How about you??

2013 A Look Back in Pictures (Part 2)

And here's part two of my year end recap in pictures. You can check out part one here.


Vishnu #art #newyork #nyc #museum

A weekend in NYC during a heat wave! I cooled off spending the day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


We love Thai food! With @littlenostalgia @paigeronchetti #nyc #newyork

I met Paige from Little Nostalgia. It made my month! :)


C is for Cookie...sandwich. This thing was HUGE! #food #yum

I guess I had this big chocolate chip ice cream sandwich. I think it was during our trip visiting the Walkway over the Hudson.


FrankenAlice! #alicecooper #portchester #newyork

How appropriate that we went to see Alice Cooper in October? He's so amazing live! A really fun show.


Bye Papa Smurf!

Did Thanksgiving with my family this year and thought - why not check out the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? I enjoyed it from a safe distance. :)


Thank you Santa!!!!  #HONY

December is always the crazy month! Year end stuff, birthday stuff, Christmas stuff, Holiday craft fair stuff, snow cancelling holiday craft fair. Crazy! But I did get a copy of Humans of New York from Santa Mike. I've been following HONY for a while and was happy to see his work go to print.

2013 A Look Back in Pictures (Part 1)

Are you recovered from the Holidays yet? I got really sick on Christmas day which was a real bummer. When my sinuses decide they wanna mess with me, they really kick my ass. It's turning around through and I'm feeling a little better.

It's the end of December which means it's time to share my annual recap.  These are some of my favorite blog posts to put together so I bring to you my look back in 2013 (January through June).


From upstairs #nyigf #newyork #nyc

This was pretty cool! I got to attend the New York International Gift Fair for the first time. Got to meet some lovely folks who I've been chatting with online for years. They have since changed the name to NY NOW which I hope to be attending again this coming February.


Snowed in #Nemo #Blizzard #newyork #HudsonValley #Fishkill

This morning #february #snow #ice #hefe #hudsonvalley #newyork #winter

A lot of freakin' snow happened in February but that's expected. 


Downtown #nyc #newyork #manhattan #architecture #buildings

I took this photo downtown while waiting for my cousin to show up with his soon to be wife. I was a witness at their wedding in City Hall, it was really sweet! We all went out afterward and ate Vietnamese food.

Shoos!!!! #nyc #newyork #fashion

There was a cool shoe exhibit at Fashion Institute of Technology I got to check out. There was some freaky stuff. Too bad photos weren't allowed.

I also hosted a series in March on Managing Your Business With Passion and Drive


I WANT THIS IN MY HOUSE!!!! #nofilter #iswear #Shag #lovehim #art #awesome #nyc #newyork

I got to check out a lot of galleries and take in some fun art in April.  Shag had a new show I was happy to see as he's one of my absolutely favorites.


Table shot from Rock n Roll Flea Market #pulpsushi #hudsonvalley #newyork #Kingston

My first Rock n Roll Flea Market in Kingston, NY - good day! I love the vibe of this show and would definitely do it again.


Love seeing this happen on older buildings #nofilter #nyc #newyork #thehighline

Fire in the office building! This gave me some unexpected time off and a free day to enjoy NYC and take a trip the Highline.

In The Christmas Spirit

Yes I do CHRISTMAS, my second favorite holiday after Halloween.  It's the decorations, music, and food that make me love the spirit of the season.  I also love Christmas in New York.  

Growing up in NYC, it was always nice to see the store windows go all out with their decorations big and small. Also tastefully decorated home - I stress the word "tastefully". 

Last week while staying in the city, I walked through Rockefeller Center on the way to work. It was nice because it was early in the morning so there were NO CROWDS!

More Christmas in NYC. Check out the snow on top of the ornaments #newyork #holidays #xmasinnyc #red

Some of the near by office buildings go all out too. This sculpture is one of my favorites. It's located across the street from Radio City Music Hall.

I try not to think too much about all of the negative aspects that come with the Holidays because I'm such a negative person throughout the rest of the year lol!   

I love our newest Christmas ornament!

Even though my tree has been up and decorated since the beginning of the month, I picked up yet another ornament over the weekend. A retro looking robot, isn't he cute?

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you who celebrate! I hope you have a wonderful holiday! 

Guest Post: Last Minute Outfit Ideas for New Year's Eve – A Style Guide

Happy Monday! Today I am happy to share a guest post from Suzy Walsh - a celebrated and known fashion blogger and expert style writer with emerging fashion portal, The House of Elegance Fashion. She is known for her unique style outlooks and amazing way of writing about trends and styles that works for fashion lovers across the world. TodayThank you Suzy!! 

The New Year's Eve is among the biggest parties of the year that you would attend, and with less than 10 days in hand, you must be looking for the right ideas. Before you look for a particular dress or start hunting for outfits at the nearest mall, here’s what you need to know.

Image 1

• Play safe with LBD: That Little Black Dress will never fail you! Yes, if you are someone who likes to play safe with party looks, this is the best idea to have at the last minute. Thankfully, in spite of numerous trends, the beauty of the Little Black Dress continues to be popular, and you can look for all kinds of styles and cuts that accentuate your looks.

What you have to consider is the choice of shoes and accessories. Going by the current trends, it is the metallic accessories that are popular both on and off the ramp. For buying shoes online or at a mall near you, look for the glittery pumps, high heels or even embellished stilettos. If you are someone who likes the party makeup to the best, the little black dress lets you go over the top and find your own comfort zone with dramatic makeup.

Image 2

• Mix and match: This is more of an open idea, and you can explore the options that you already have in the closet. The idea is to choose a top and lower item, both of which are in balance, so that the unwanted contrasting can be avoided. For example, when you have a top that’s in the basic style, the leggings or tights you choose can be printed or in any other style. On the other hand, if the leggings or denims are a simple one, you need a top that works well with some patterns or embellishments.

For the accessories, you can opt for statement necklaces, ear cuffs with pair of high heels or extremely funky styled wedges. The look is more of the casual lady, who parties hard but doesn’t go over the top with the items of the closet. When the dress and overall completed look is on the lighter side, you can opt for a little matched eye makeup or over glamorized eye makeup!

Image 3

• A sequined dress for the night out: Glitter and sequin have caught the fancy of the current designed, although most of these are comebacks from the past. What you can look for a dress that comes in the complete sequined look or mostly in the glittery flavour. The look is more of the regular party girl, but there is no way that you can go wrong with the choices. As for the colours, opt for the silver or golden embellishments for regular looks, but even the unique metallic colours are worth a check.

Sequined and glamorous glittery dresses don’t essentially need accessories, but even a pair of high black stilettos or a pair of pumps with some black theme makeup is just right. Hope you are partying hard this season!

Image credits:

Happy Birthday To Me!

Howdy everybody! I feel like I've been a little quiet around here lately. I needed some time to get my head together and these snow storms make me feel LAZY! But I thought I'd pop up on my BIRTHDAY! Woo!

image from

No alcohol will be consumed (sorry!) but it's still a fun glass don't you think?  It was given to me as a gift a few years ago. I never drank from I suppose to??

I have to work today (both jobs) but I'll be off tomorrow so I plan to celebrate a day later and all weekend through to Christmas. I won't have to commute to work until next Thursday so it's a nice present to myself.  And hopefully give my lower back a break - it's been giving me problems and I partly blame sitting on the train for so long every day.

Even Google got in on the action!


Much cake will be consumed in the next few days and I don't care of the consequences because I deserve it. :)  I probably won't post again until next week so have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

Mother Nature Doesn't Like Craft Fairs

Saturday's snow came MUCH sooner than expected and really put a damper on our Holiday Craft Fair plans for Saturday.  I had to cancel in the morning as I already heard from some vendors backing out due to the amount of snow on the roads.  It's a bummer, and I hate  having to do it but it was for the best. I wasn't going to have people risk it on the roads, get to the venue and *hope* someone shows up to buy stuff.  

And then lug our stuff over mountains of snow back to our cars afterward? No way.  Hopefully we can reschedule but I  honestly hope someone else does the planning.  There's a reason why I never wanted to organize a Craft Fair.  Too much stress that I really don't need. Let someone else who doesn't have three jobs do it next time. 

Since I was home, I added some new items to the shop.   Good news was two of the new items sold!  In less than an hour after listing, someone purchased these two rings: 

Il_570xN.540126236_5l6a  Il_570xN.540134986_8nmg

There's still more items to be added and you can still take advantage of my SNOW SALE! Where you can get 15% off your purchase with code SNOW15 (this can be used in the shop and the Etsy shop).

The winner of the Uncommon Goods giveaway is Beth Brooks!  You'll be hearing from me shortly, congratulations!! 

Hullabaloo Recap

I wanted to share my experience from the Hudson Valley Hullabaloo show I did last weekend in Kingston, NY.

We are open! #hvhullabaloo #hudsonvalley #kingston

This was the first of this event and having it in a old theater was just awesome. A little chilly for some but I was lucky to be in a warmer spot. As you can see, it was a little dark too so many of the vendors got creative in lighting their displays which added a nice atmosphere to the show. I didn't take many pictures because I only had my iPhone and ever since I upgraded, my camera has been sucky (may be time for a new phone).

Photo 4 (4)


Hey look it's me!  Look at my poor banner lol! I had it rolled up in my suitcase and I guess it got folded along the way.   Check out those Vintage Anatomy Art plaques, those are from Mike and one of these days I'll be adding them to the shop. Anyway, you can see a lot more pictures here


For a first show, I thought it was a success.  There was decent attendance (700 people) and my sales were okay. I was expecting a little better but everyone I spoke to felt the same so maybe just overall people were holding their wallets a little tighter.  Regardless, I totally would do this show again because the organizers (Joe & Danielle from Wishbone Letterpress) did an amazing job. Totally looking forward to doing more these types of shows in the Hudson Valley.

One more show this Saturday in Beacon, NY with Hudson Valley Etsy.  There's suppose to a huge snow storm coming on Saturday but fingers crossed it doesn't hit the area until later in the day and everyone is home snug as a bug enjoying the snowfall from indoors.

Handmade for the Holidays - Snowed In Magazine 2013

I'm happy to share with you today the latest from Ashley from the pretty, pretty blog She Makes a Home.

Snowed In cover

A new online magazine you can check out for free to get some Holiday creative inspiration! I asked Ashley what made her come about creating her own holiday magazine....

Snowed In started in 2012 when I noticed that the holiday magazine I wanted to read did not exist. I wanted to see a magazine that features not just handmade gift guides and DIY projects, but also covers decorating; entertaining; recipes; and fashion and beauty for the holidays. This year's issue is even bigger and it's totally free. My goal is to promote small businesses; handmade shops; artists; and creative bloggers. Snowed In Magazine reaches an audience even wider than my blog, so this was the best way to realize my vision.


Don't forget to check out Ashley here: Blog / Etsy / Twitter 

Giveaway from Uncommon Goods

I was super excited when the folks from Uncommon Goods reached out to me about hosting a giveaway - what an honor!  Uncommon Goods sells unique designs and handcrafted gifts that are friendly towards the environment and without harm to animals or people.  

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 3.03.00 PM

If you have a co-worker, or "Secret Santa person you don't know too well" to shop for, they have a great selection of holiday gifts to check out that will work in your favor.  They have so many great items for the home, it will be hard not to have more than one option to choose from.

They host ongoing Design Challenges seeking out new vendors, check out their calendar of upcoming challenges here in case you're interested in selling with them.

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 3.09.10 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 3.10.39 PM


We make it our mission to support and provide a platform for artists and designers; in fact, half of what we sell is made by hand. Most of the products we carry are created right here in the USA, and about one-third of our entire collection incorporates recycled and/or upcycled materials.

Another great thing about shopping with Uncommon Goods is with every purchase made, they donate $1 to the non-profit of your choice.  Since starting their Better to Give program 12 years ago, they have donated over $700,000 to charities around the world!


Being the handmade soap buff that I am, I was excited to get their Goats Milk Soap Sampler Set. It smells and feels wonderful!  


You can win a $50 Gift Certificate to use at Uncommon Goods  ( - this giveaway is US ONLY.  Giveaway ends Sunday December 15th at 11:59 pm.

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