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Support The Treehouse in New Paltz!

I love going to New Paltz, NY, it's about 30 minutes north from me. It's a great town with a pretty popular college and thriving art scene.  It is also the home to a must see shop, The Treehouse which I wrote about when it first opened back in 2012.  My friend and owner Kathy Preston has done an amazing job creating an inspiring and welcoming handmade boutique. 


It's almost two years later and guess what? The Treehouse is growing out of it's space and looking for a new home also in New Paltz. 

Oct. open

In addition to selling lovely handmade items from local artists, they would like to offer a creative space for workshops and classes.  This will be a great addition to the community offering activities for all ages.  They found the space, they have the supplies, they just need a little help coming up with six month's rent in advance.

This is where you can come in. Check out their campaign at Indiegogo and make a contribution.  If you are close by, you're in luck! Depending on your donation amount, you can get great perks such as custom tailoring, artwork, and class discounts.  

If you don't live in New York but would like to help support this handmade business spread the love and knowledge, you still can and earn some Karma points in the process.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what's in store for The Treehouse and Kathy.  Have I mentioned that she has been working on the most loveliest pillows lately....

Pile o pillows

The Treehouse is a paid sponsor of the blog, to learn more about how you can become a sponsor, visit my sponsor page.

Getting ready for NY NOW 2014

Feburary is going to be a fun month on the blog for a couple of reasons but a big one being next week I'll be attending NY NOW - the Market For Home + Lifestyle. This will be my second time attending this trade show, it use to be called the NY International Gift Fair (NYIGF) but it's changed to NY NOW (I like that much better).  

I wrote about attending NYIGF last year in two separate blog posts. I was overwhelmed at the amount of vendors under one roof. This year they're hosting 2,800 exhibiting companies showcasing the very best lines across the home, lifestyle and gift spectrum.  Lots of eye candy. 

Last year at NYIGF
2013 NYIGF - Jonathan Adler

If you can't attend, you can check out NYNOW 365 for a taste of the type of items you can check out. Nothing will be for sale, this is a trade show after all so that's good for my wallet I guess.  I'll just be attending strictly as "Press" with my tempermental camera and even more tempermental iPhone (I'm hardly what you call a "Professional" as far as Press goes....). It still beats sitting at work counting the minutes until it's time to leave.

February would be a great month to get in on a blog sponsorship ad too if you want to get additional promotion in for your blog or business.

New Beaded and Flower Jewelry at Pulp Sushi

Snowed in again this weekend and SO cold!! It hasn't stopped me from adding more pretty flower jewelry pieces to both shops

Gray_flower_earrings  Yellow_flower_ring

Also new are these two beaded necklaces which I'm really excited about....

Forrest_stone_bead_necklace  Fire_orange_bead_necklace

Those Fire Orange beads make me think WARM THOUGHTS right now, how about you? I don't want to complain about the cold's COLD!!!! I don't mind Winter, I like winter, but one of the things I like about winter is being able to cozy up on the couch with a blanket and just aaaaaaaaah.  

My apartment is never warm and my space heater only works if it's RIGHT ON TOP of you. If I move slightly to the left by an inch, that warm air feels cold. As long as I have my blankets then I'm good.

Have You Seen...

Today I have a fun mix of stuff to share that you may not have seen but I hope you enjoy!


I came across this article about this abandoned Paris apartment that was recently discovered. It's a fascinating story with amazing photos of what was found inside.


I thought this was a great idea that I wanted to share from Hannah of The Homesteady - How To Love Winter. Sometimes we get caught up with the negative of this season that we don't appreciate what we enjoy about winter.  Free download to make your own list too!


Speaking of free, how about a free Valentine Crochet Pattern from the Monster Maker and my friend Jess from Knot by Gran'ma? You can't go wrong with that!


One more download that's not free but definitely worth the price tag if you want to taking your blogging to the next level.  I just purchased How To Double Your Blog Traffic In 90 Days just the other day and it's really inspiring!  I absolutely love Sarah's blog and greatly admire her knowledge and insight, not just for web design, but in being an enterpreneur. 

Snow Day = Shop Update!

Even though I just had a holiday weekend and was in the city, I needed an extra day just to be home.  So many things I just haven't had the chance to do sooner and have been frustrated that I haven't been able to do anything to my shops so yesterday I added a couple of new items...

A lot more photos were taken and I'm still editing them so more new items will be added later this weekend.

Like I mentioned before, I spent the weekend in the city and even though it was chilly, I spent a lot of time walking around the Lower East Side checking out galleries and visiting Central Park.

Prince St #newyork #nyc #earlybird #downtown

Frozen Pond in #CentralPark. Tree shadows frozen in the water, crazy!!! #nofilter #nyc #newyork #winter

Last week I made a pretty big decision and if you're on my Facebook then you already know the news. I decided to leave my job. I can't keep waking up every morning feeling the way I feel which is miserable. Life is too short and my commute is too long, especially in the snowy winters.

I have the date set but I haven't given my notice yet (there's still time). I've only told one coworker.  It's all I've been thinking about and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried but I'm at that point where a drastic change needs to be made, it's sink or swim!

Have you taken that step to leave your secure full-time job to pursue your passion?

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from Pulp Sushi

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, there's still time to get a nice gift, maybe a piece of jewelry for the one you love (or for yourself, like RuPaul says - If you can't love yo'self....).  Here are some pieces I pulled from the shop I think would make a sweet Valentine's Day gift.  Also available on Etsy...

Heart and Key charm necklace because, you know, hearts and stuff is always a win.

Red Roses OF COURSE! Only these flowers won't die after two days and they look super cute on you.

Round Locket Necklace - one of the nicest things I've heard was a women who purchased this necklace at a fair said she was going to keep her husband's hair in the locket. Very sweet!

Besides the colors being very Valentine-ish, some folks would rather look at skulls than cutesy hearts and a naked baby with a bow and arrow.  I love it all! 

Don't forget, you can use code BLOG20 any time at either my shop or in the Etsy shop to get 20% off your purchase!

Upcycle! Six Fun-tastic Repurposing Ideas

I am so thrilled for today's guest post!  This is one of those gems of a guest contributions I talked about. I think you will love the ideas that Jennifer Lutz from Christmas Tree Market has to share today. Get your Pin It button ready!  Jennifer Lutz is the home décor expert at Jennifer loves writing about DIY and repurposing projects. She recently published this post about her home décor plans for 2014 here: Home Decor Projects for 2014.

A common question that most of us ask when cleaning out the house: what do I do with all the old stuff? With the way things naturally accumulate in our closets and garages, it seems easier to just throw out the things you no longer need. But, before discarding your old stuff, consider repurposing them first. When thinking up of new ways to use common household items, think outside the box, and add a little fun to your home decorating.

For new and functional ways to salvage your old household items, here are some ideas!

Upcycled Storage Solutions

We always have items to discard, but we also never run out of things to store or organize. Take a look at your old stuff and check if you have some of the items below for some instant storage solutions for your home:

Suitcase to Side Table/Chess Board

1959 Suitcase Upcycled

Here's a fun repurposing idea for used luggage that have been taking up space in the attic: turn them into a side table that doubles as a chess board! Choose a luggage with a flat surface then paint the surface to look like a chessboard. Once dry, add a stand or table legs to keep it upright. As for the chess pieces, keep them inside the luggage for safekeeping.

Vinyl Record to Fruit Bowl

DIY Vinyl Record Bowl

I know what you're thinking--why would anyone want to desecrate a vinyl record? However, vinyl records do get scratched and chipped--or worse, get wet--that throwing them away seems like the only option. Before dropping your damaged vinyl record into the waste basket, make a detour to the kitchen and turn your old vinyl into a fruit bowl instead.

Making your vinyl record into a fruit bowl is quick and easy; it only requires a couple of bowls (for shaping and baking) and an oven. In this quick tutorial from the Off Beat Bride, you only have to place your vinyl on an overturned bowl for shaping, bake it until it becomes flexible, and place the droopy vinyl inside another bowl to shape it as you like. Finally, let it cool for a minute or so before using. Easy, right?

Headboard to Shelf

New desk shelves

Making a shelf from your outdated headboards is a fun way to turn your castaways into something functional. A headboard shelf is perfect for your study desk or your kids' playroom for storing books, art supplies, and decorative items. For a comprehensive guide, try this headboard shelf tutorial from My Repurposed Life.

New Roles for Old Items

If you're feeling particularly creative, turn old items new again by giving them a new function in your home. Here are a few ideas:

Circuit Board into a Notebook

Birthday Presents

This is a great idea to bind your loose papers and recycle those inactive circuit boards your husband has lying around the house. All you need are a couple of circuit boards cut down to the same size, a drill (for making holes), and some metal hooks or cords for binding. You can also grab a metal wire spring to bind the pages of your notebook, as seen in this post from the Green Diary.

Globe into a Lamp

Salvaged vintage globe = new lamp shade!

A globe upcycled as a lamp is perfect for your study or library. If you have a globe that you no longer use, cut it in half, add a light bulb, wire it up, and add a stand. A simple iron stand will work, or, if you have more time, turn it into a globe pendant as seen in this post from Pattern of Life.

Metal Colander to Lamp

Strainer Lamp

If you have extra colanders in your kitchen cupboards, turn them into your kitchen's lighting fixtures! Just like with the globe, you can use your colanders as lamp shades or a pendant light. For this repurposing project, grab a rusty colander and paint it in a color you like. After tinkering with the wiring, attach it to a metal rod for pendant lighting. If you have plenty of visual space, you can make a colander chandelier using around five or more colanders -- an unusual and fun lighting option!

Repurposing and upcycling completely unrelated items together make for delightful decorating options for your home. Try out these repurposing ideas for your next DIY project at home!

A Pulp Sushi Wedding

Is the title misleading? I can see how it could be. I am not getting married, let's get that out of the way real quick. 

Back in 2011 I shared in this blog post that I was asked to create jewelry for Holly's bridal's party.  Everyone was happy, wooo!  Life went on, la dee dah!

I get an email from Holly the other day, totally out of the blue. It was so nice to hear from her! She realized she never showed me how the jewelry looked on her wedding day - better late than never but then again, you know how slow wedding photographers can be sometimes. =D


What a gorgeous photo!  Don't you love these colors? Everyone is wearing their earrings and necklaces. Who is the one with the Lavendar streaks in her hair? I LOVE that! This totally made my day! Plus the green grass compliments it all too! Thank you Holly (you look beautiful!) for thinking of me!

Instagram Challenge from Kitty and Buck

Remember that time I tried to commit to a 30 day photo challenge? Or when I tried to create 52 Lists? Yeah those didn't work out too well. I seem to have commitment issues. It's a wonder I'm still with my boyfriend after all these years. 

Well I'm at it again and you can try it out too.  Shell from Kitty and Buck is launching a new Instagram project to help us keep on our creative toes, sounds like fun!  Here's my first installment: 

New challenge from @kittyandbuck #kittyandbuckcolor  #White #Walden

Blog: Canceling My E-Newsletter (Marketing Experts be damned!)

Photo (1)

Do you like my fuzzy Snoopy? He sits with me in the office during the week.  I didn't know what else to post a picture of so why not him?

I recently shared on my Facebook page that I was thinking about discontinuing my e-newsletter.   I've been neglecting it. Honestly, it's at the bottom of my To Do list.  I get email newsletters from others that start with "So sorry it's been soooooo long since I've sent an email....." and I've turned into that person.  

The newsletter has not lead to sales and only about 25% of the list actually open it making me believe that it's either going to Spam or Mailchimp doesn't recognize mobile viewing *shrug*. 

Between the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+ (when I remember, I'm getting better!), is an email necessary too?  There's enough updates from me all over the place. Just like some people aren't into Twitter or Pinterest, I'm NOT into sending out newsletters, I don't care what the Marketing People say!

Besides, I wanted to clean up my sidebar a bit, it was starting to look a little too cluttered. I'm not finished there either (sorry, the ads gotta stay!). Pay no attention to anything funky you see in the next couple of weeks.