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Design Issues: A "Project Runway" Moment

The other day I left a comment over at Little Nostalgia where I mentioned I was having a "Project Runway" moment.   I have been working on a necklace for a couple of days now. DAYS! I'm trying to "make it work". I like the direction it's going but I'm now stuck and I'll just stand at my work table looking at it like...


It's missing something but I don't want to risk over doing it like some designers on the show  have done. I can totally fall into that sink hole. I don't want share any pictures of it yet because it's definitely not ready for prime time.  

I ordered a bunch of jewelry supplies yesterday. Maybe when they arrive they will trigger something? Does that happen to you?  It's not a funk and it's not exactly a "block", it's just.....agh! 

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