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Learning To Work From Home

I have about a month left at the office and one of the things that have been on my mind is how will I not go stir crazy working at home? 

Unfortunately, we are only a one-car household and Mike needs it to drive to work which is pretty far so it's not like I can drive him and then pick him up.  Where I live isn't the most walker friendly. I can walk down to Dunkin Donuts and the track. That's about it. I won't be able to run too many errands during the day because of this which sucks but hopefully my goal in 2015 is to finally get my own damn car!!  Enough of that...

I'm trying to come up with a structure for my days with a little flexibility. I started to think about this after reading Shell's post on Time Management.  I think I'll be bringing the Google Calendar back into play for this.  

Some of the things I need to sort out as part of my day are: 

  1. Exercise/Yoga: I'm not joining a gym, I just need to be active again.  Sitting at a desk 40 hours a week and on a train for 15 hours just isn't good for my body.  I mentioned I'm walking distance from a track so I'll be going for regular walks again. I like walking.  I use to be into Yoga big time and had a regular practice.  Once I left Newsweek, the practice died off and I haven't recovered since (and it shows!) so I really gotta get myself into a practice again even if it's from home. If you have any online recommendations for classes please share! 
  2. Email: Of course! This is throughout the day which so far is not too out of control compared to others. 
  3. Blog Reading: I hate when I miss a day or two of my blog feed but I also can't check it throughout the day so I really want to devote a time bracket every day (an hour or two) just to read and comment.
  4. Social Media Check-In: Unlike blogs, I never miss a day. How can I? It's engrained in my head like taking a shower and brushing my teeth.  However I sometimes need an "off" switch before a couple of hours have passed. I'll need to break this up throughout the day. This also includes shop updates and annoucements.
  5. Making Jewelry: Duh!  That has been my main issue for a long time. Just not enough time to make stuff! 
  6. Preparing Blog Posts:  I use to prepare my blog posts on the weekends until I started my second job.  Then I started to wing it when I could but I still like preparing blog posts ahead of time.  
  7. Work Research: I shared a tweet recently from - 10 Things To Do Every Workday. While I don't think I will follow all of them, I do plan on reading up more about my "industry" and business development.  You never want to stop learning!
  8. Typepad: This is easy because I have a set scheduled for when my shifts start so don't need to think about this too much. I have longer shifts on weekends which has it's own structure.

Some things I need some flexibility for (besides eating) include catching up of my TV shows like RuPaul's Drag Race (LOVE! ♥♥♥), cleaning the apartment (ok that's not every day) and maybe a nap (which probably won't happen).   I'm just hoping for a balance to keep my mind and soul healthy as I feel like it's been beaten to a pulp the last couple of years.

How do you keep balance and structure to your day? Are you even able to?

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