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Bazaar-on-Hudson THIS SUNDAY!

My first craft fair of the year is coming up this Sunday in Cold Spring, NY. It's the debut of Bazaar-on-Hudson and I cannot wait to be a part of it and check it out as a customer!


And we're all gonna be hanging out in this lovely space!


I can't wait to see how this will look with everyone's booths set up! It's gonna be fun. The market is presented by The Living Room, a prohibition era drug store that specializes in wedding receptions and private events and Cold Spring Coffee Pantry an amazing multi-roaster coffee pantry and craft beer & wine pantry that will provide a signature pop-up pour-over coffee bar and iced coffee concentrate growlers every Sunday. There will be gluten-free goodies (Ella's Bellas) and homemade cider doughnuts (Vera’s Marketplace & Graden Center) for shoppers to enjoy.

I have been hoping for something like this to happen outside of NYC, there is definitely a demand for it. In the city you  have The Brooklyn Flea, Artist and Fleas, LIC Flea, Hester St Fair, I can go on.  Plus there has been a mass migration of city-folk moving up to the Hudson Valley. I guess I was a part of that ten years ago when I first moved to Tarrytown in Westchester and now I'm further north in Fishkill in Dutchess County.

There has been some buzz about the Hudson Valley turning into another Brooklyn from places like The New York Times and Gothamist. If the Hipsters are coming, there's no stopping them. I find them annoying sometimes but at least they contribute to a neighborhood by starting businesses, buying run down homes and fixing them up, and trying to bring something different to the table, even if I think it's pretentious sometimes. ;)  Hudson Valley Magazine has a great response to all of this noise.

Face it, as a NYC native, the city itself has lost a lot of it's charm, priced out a lot of people, and young people who move here from other states thinking they can make it as a successful (whatever) will arrive to discover they're lucky if they can find an apartment the size of two walk-in closets for under $2000/month.

Whoa where did that tangent come from???  Anyway, market! Yes! Sunday April 6th is the first of four Sundays I will be there, first Sunday of the month April through July. Looking forward to talking about it more here.

Because I'm HAPPY!


Please pin original source: Ruffles and Stuff

Guess what day it is? No it's not Hump Day but it's Friday and it's my LAST DAY in the office! My last day taking the long train ride to and from work every day. My last day of that 15 minute walk it takes to get to the office from Grand Central Station. My last day of having to deal with the madness out of getting out of the train station in the evening because there's only ONE EXIT. My last day of dealing with "Rush Hour" hopefully for a very long time. I can't believe this day is here. I have said that I wanted to end this routine by the time I'm 40 and look at that, I'm early!! =D

GOOD FRIDAY has come early for me.  I just want to run up and down the hallways like a kid but I'll try to keep my cool.  Tonight we're gonna celebrate with Five Guys and it's going to be the best Cheeseburger I've ever had.  My coworkers surprised me a day early to wish me a happy cupcake send off.  That was nice of them, I wasn't expecting that. They got me good.

Well lookie here! The office just surprised me for my send-off a day early!

This weekend? I still gotta work the other job but I welcome that. :) There are some great things happening at Typepad and I can't wait to see it all play out.  Have a great weekend!

TreasuryPin - Promote Your Etsy Treasury on Pinterest

I'm back with another fun promotion tool, this time for your Etsy Treasury.  You can share a link on Twitter and Facebook, but what about Pinterest?  How can you promote a treasury on Pinterest? Sure you can take a screenshot and upload it OR visit a site like


It's real simple. You curate a treasury on Etsy or find yourself featured in a treasury then take the URL and enter it in Treasury Pin, click Go! 


An image is created showing the first eight items from the treasury or you can play around with their new Treasury Pin Editor and increase (or decrease) the number of images showing in your pin.  Your image will link back to the original treasury.

Click the "Pin it" button and BAM! You got a new pin to share with everyone! 

I love using this and it's a great idea for a pinboard.  Check out my Etsy Treasuries pinboard to see how all these different images look together in one place. I love it! 

Spring Cleaning and New Beginnings

Happy Spring everybody! Spring is another time during the year where people want to start fresh (Spring Cleaning). I haven't felt more refresh than I do right now. 

image from
Pretty Spring Colors

With one week left at work, I'm training my replacement and hopefully not freaking her out too much. As more people ask me what my plans are, I get more excited about my departure and finally taking my life in a direction I'm excited about. I haven't been this happy in the office for a long time!  

I can't wait to stop thinking about my new routine and start DOING it. I also can't wait to get back to writing more blog posts too. I miss having daily posts (with breaks on the weekend). I have a list of ideas waiting to come to life.

I love writing my blog okay? I've been doing it for so long (going back to my LiveJournal days and prior to that!).  I've always been drawn to writing my thoughts online and maybe connect with others. No desire for a large readership or anything like that, and so far I've made some wonderful friends who I talk to more (through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) than I do my offline friends - go figure.  That's just the way the times are now I guess and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Enjoy your weekend! Hope you have fun plans! 

Pulp Sushi ♥'s Green and Flowers too!

Happy Monday everyone!  In honor of today's love of all things GREEN, I just added the following earrings in the shop: 

IMG_9261  IMG_9262
Over the weekend I finally added more flower hair pins to the shop too. I've been making so many for stores that I didn't want to neglect my own shop.

IMG_9252  IMG_9248

The hair pins are only available in the Etsy shop for the time being. 

St Patrick's Day is the day I stay home from work because I do not handle public transportation well on this day.  As I've gotten older, my tolerance for the party-goers has become lower and lower. Like New Year's Eve, St Patrick's Day is totally "amateur night" for the drinkers.  

So what you up to today? Are you out partying or are you a shut-in like me? :) 

Shopping With Coupons

Woke up this morning to the find Key and Heart lock charm necklace is going to a new home....

And they used a coupon from a previous order so hooray for repeat customers! They make my day! =D

I have a lot of coupon codes out there, they are not hard to find (just look to your right) and I always include one with every order. I don't get too many sales that actually use them though.  Whenever I purchase something online, I always dig for a coupon first whether on Facebook, shop announcement, or blog because I'm a penny-pincher, I admit it.  Even when I had my newsletter, I always included one and nothing. Trying to figure out what *grabs* a customer is a constant challenge especially when you do jewelry because there's SO MUCH of it out there.

Do you get a lot of coupon use in your shop? 

What's new at the Pulp Sushi Shop

What's this? New jewelry items added to the shop? Yes! I can't wait until I am able to add new items more than once a week. Click the images to view the Etsy listing.

The heart is *NOT* a locket, I know it looks like one, but it's just a large charm. I came about this little treasure while I was out and about and it immediately caught my eye.  This is a longer necklace but I still included a clasp in case you have a bigger head like me. No shame in having a big head. :)

Also you can never have too many flower stud earrings. I just dropped off a bunch at The Tailored Mermaid along with more flower hair pins.  I have more to add to my shops but I quickly took these pictures yesterday afternoon during my break and didn't get to edit and upload until last night. I wanted to be finished in time for The Walking Dead.  Do you watch The Walking Dead??? I love that show so much!

Have a good week everybody! 

Take a Peek! Sweet Paul Magazine Spring 2014 Issue

The highest the temperature will be today is 31 degrees but that doesn't mean Spring can't still be on your mind.  I just looked through the new Spring issue of Sweet Paul Magazine and it made me smile. Look at the pretties! 


You can view it online for free or pre-order a hard copy. There's so many things I want to try out!  Starting with some cross-stitch, it's been a long while since I broke out the hoop....


It could be the style, it could be the colors, but this made me think of Paige from Little Nostalgia.  Maybe I'll see her in SP one day!  :) 


And of course you can't have something SWEET without some CAKE! 


You can save yourself some time and just get a one-year subscription.  In two weeks they're hosting a creative retreat, The Makerie in NYC. I wish I could attend because it sounds unbelievable and it's just a few blocks from my parents apartment. Unfortuantely the price tag is a bit (ok a lot) out of my budget.

This is not a paid blog post or anything like that.  I was just super excited finding this in my inbox this morning that it would have just been WRONG of me to not share the goodness. You're welcome!

On The Pulp Sushi Work Table!

Happy Fat Tuesday! Just wanted to pop in and share a little behind-the-scenes of my little workshop.  How about some pretty, pretty beads?

I got some Swarovski Elements Crystal Beads the other day in a bunch of colors I can't wait to use.  I already want to order more!  Now that I'm looking at this picture, I'm digging the Fuchsia and Emerald together! Hmmm....

And I think I've inhaled enough E-6000 glue to give me a nice buzz for a while. Just kidding. I don't sniff glue but that is some pretty strong stuff.  

I fell behind with the flower hair pins. I'm making these exclusively for The Tailored Mermaid as they seem to be selling well there. I have one set in the Etsy shop only.  If you'd like a set in some other colors, let me know and we can work something out.   Also that necklace is still on my table, but I'm coming close to finishing it!

Are you working on anything fun?