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TreasuryPin - Promote Your Etsy Treasury on Pinterest

I'm back with another fun promotion tool, this time for your Etsy Treasury.  You can share a link on Twitter and Facebook, but what about Pinterest?  How can you promote a treasury on Pinterest? Sure you can take a screenshot and upload it OR visit a site like TreasuryPin.com


It's real simple. You curate a treasury on Etsy or find yourself featured in a treasury then take the URL and enter it in Treasury Pin, click Go! 


An image is created showing the first eight items from the treasury or you can play around with their new Treasury Pin Editor and increase (or decrease) the number of images showing in your pin.  Your image will link back to the original treasury.

Click the "Pin it" button and BAM! You got a new pin to share with everyone! 

I love using this and it's a great idea for a pinboard.  Check out my Etsy Treasuries pinboard to see how all these different images look together in one place. I love it! 

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