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Pulp Sushi ♥'s Green and Flowers too!

Happy Monday everyone!  In honor of today's love of all things GREEN, I just added the following earrings in the shop: 

IMG_9261  IMG_9262
Over the weekend I finally added more flower hair pins to the shop too. I've been making so many for stores that I didn't want to neglect my own shop.

IMG_9252  IMG_9248

The hair pins are only available in the Etsy shop for the time being. 

St Patrick's Day is the day I stay home from work because I do not handle public transportation well on this day.  As I've gotten older, my tolerance for the party-goers has become lower and lower. Like New Year's Eve, St Patrick's Day is totally "amateur night" for the drinkers.  

So what you up to today? Are you out partying or are you a shut-in like me? :) 

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