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My June in Recap

Happy Monday! First, thanks for the comments in my last post. I have felt better since posting it and has made letting go a little bit easier.

It's the last day of June and wanted to take a look back on the blog today.  While on paper June was a decent month, on a personal note it sucked balls.  It was an emotional roller coster that some days made me sick to my stomach. 

Thankfully I had a couple of mental escapes and some relief when our landlord agreed to let us stay another year in our apartment.  It also included Mike's birthday, fireworks, baseball, and wrestling.

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 11.29.22 AMNo more Instagram/Flickr posts because I'm hating Flickr at the moment and their setup.  I'll stick to postcards from Big Huge Labs instead.

What else happened?

-More soap love with Beyond The Picket Fence

-Pretty Felt Bags from LeFrac

-An update from my Storenvy shop

-Telling a story with your item listings

-Announcing the new Craftivity app coming soon!

-Last I did a mid-year audit of Pulp Sushi and was pleasantly suprised!

I'm ready to tackle the Summer and work my last day at Bazaar-on-Hudson (for now I hope...).  I want to put all the negative stuff and people behind me and look forward to better things.   Tomorrow is a new month and I'll have some news to share so see you tomorrow!

A "Life Lately" Post I *NEED* To Write...

Let go

Today I wanted to get something off my chest. It's been many years since I've written something like this publicly (not since my LiveJournal days) so it might not even make sense reading it.  I need to do this for myself.

For the last few weeks my heart has been weighing very heavy and I feel like there is dark cloud over me that doesn't want to go away. I have allowed some things certain people have said really, really get to me. 

Meanwhile, they're WRONG! Dead wrong! If I think it's bullshit, why does it still upset me so much? I struggle with letting certain things go.  I still go about about my business but that hurt and anger are still there just tugging at me.

Why can't I just ignore it? Brush it off? I'm too old for this nonsense!  The people who said these hurtful things about me are pretty miserable in their own right and want nothing more than to bring others down to their level. Misery loves company. I know this!!  So why am I letting them?  

So what if they think I don't matter because I choose not to have children, because I have low tolerance for stupidity, because I graduated from college (!!!), because I have dreams to pursue and they're just sitting on their asses chain smoking their lives away because they have absolutely NOTHING going for themselves?? Yes I do think I'm better than a lot of things, everyone should! We all deserve the best life can offer, don't settle for less.  I guess when you're crazy and ignorant, there's no changing that.  That's it, I'm done, it's over!   Writing this is me getting it out in the universe and leaving it there. I need to move on.

Blog ♥: Have You Seen...

The Summer has hit us right in the face and today's "Have You Seen..." is related to all things Summer and keeping cool and comfortable.  I'm a day early with HYS posts, it's not Friday yet!

Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 10.42.20 AM

Melissa from Bubby & Bean shared some great July 4th DIY Projects, there's still time to get ready!


There is a Mexican restaurant in Hell's Kitchen that serves a really delicous Watermelon drink. I order it every time I go there (screw the Tequilla!).  If I could make this I would drink it any time, now I can thanks to Amy sharing her Watermelon Breeze drink recipe.

This lovely vintage shop from one of my sponsors Liinaloom. They have quite an extensive collection of clothes, accessories and more for sale.  These dresses in particular look nice and airy for the hot weather, especially on the left.  That's a great dress for a picnic!

Business Talk: Making Progress And Learning From Mistakes

MorningI've been doing Pulp Sushi as a business since 2006 when I opened my Etsy shop. I didn't quite know what I was doing or if it was even a business. I made a lot of mistakes early on  especially when it came to monitoring my money.  I was just happy for the extra change!

I can think of a few reasons to why Pulp Sushi is not my *only* source of income eight years later.  Reasons such as a ridiculous debt I had to tackle, ignorance, laziness, lack of confidence to name a few.

While I've read countless blog posts and taken e-courses on becoming a better business person, there's a lot of information in my head but applying it has been a challenge.  I'm getting better.

Yesterday morning I was working on a spreadsheet tallying all of my numbers for the last couple of years - I tell you Outright (now known as GoDaddy Bookkeeping) has been such a life saver!   I know a lot of people don't like looking at numbers but I do, even if most of the numbers are negative.   I like to know where I'm at.

Now that we're halfway through 2014, I was happy to see my net profit so far this year is a positive figure for the first time since...ever!  I know there are six months left but I'm in a good place right now and more mindful of my spending.  Plus I've embraced making money from my blog and not allow myself to work for free anymore. 

I've learned that wasting money on Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and Etsy Search ads are just that - a waste of money.  They may work for others, but not for me.  I still promote on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram on my own but I rather pay for ads on other blogs to support them.  The money I'm saving can go towards more supplies so I can keep my consignment shops replenished.  I can't wait to see what the second half of 2014 will bring!

What mistakes have you learned from in growing your business?

Check Out the new Craftivity app!

Recently I participated in the weekly Oh My! Handmade chat on Twitter - which you can join every Thursday at 1:00 pm ET with #OMHG.  In this chat I met Mei Pak from Tiny Hands food jewelry (too cute!!).  She mentioned she was launching a new app later this Summer for freelance, self employed or people with their own business.  I was sold! I couldn't wait to learn more about it and share it here!

Screen shot 2014-06-20 at 2.22.49 PM

Ta daaaaaa!  Craftivity is a goal setting & productivity app for creative people. The app will launch this coming August but you can get in on the fun early.  If you join the Craftivity wait list as an early bird, you'll get the app free for life.  For everyone else, it will costs $5 a month or $50 a year.  Not too shabby! 

This app is more than just a planner. Craftivity is a goal tracker, a strategizer, a guide, a support tool and a community, all in one. It's like your paper planner but on steroids. Mei came up with the idea for the app around New Year's when it came time to buy a new planner but was neglecting some of it:

The trouble was, I was always putting off scheduling things in the calendar! Because I'm so connected to my computer + devices, the idea finally kicked in when I thought, "I would use the planner if all of it was DIGITAL!" - that would be a lot more convenient, easily accessible (an app can fit in my tiny purse!) and can tie the goal setting stuff with the scheduling part.

Screen shot 2014-06-20 at 2.25.36 PMEven though I still like to write things down, I don't always carry my book with me, but I do carry my phone and you can sync Craftivity with your Google Calendar.

Screen shot 2014-06-20 at 2.27.24 PMHow neat is this?  I can't wait to try it out!  I've tried other organization apps in the past but I got a goooooood feeling about this one.  :) Check out Craftivity at, follow on Twitter and like on Facebook.

Telling A Story With Item Listings

Happy Friday! Summer officially starts this weekend but I feel like it already came a few days early here in New York, humidity = bleech!! I am going to a local baseball game tonight which is always fun. I love me some baseball!

I have some new charm necklaces I added to the shop I'd like to share. The images are linked to the Etsy listings.

IMG_9463 IMG_9466

I struggle with writing my item descriptions.  You can't just simply say what it is and what it's made out of it but sometimes I'm at a loss.  Item descriptions should trigger something with a potential buyer and make a connection with it.  That is how you tell a story.

I thought I try something different and share in the description what these items symbolize just to show it's more than just another owl or anchor necklace.  Both have significant meanings that I think some times are forgotten about.  You'll have to click the listings to read more. :)  Have a great weekend!

ModCloth Milestone for Plus-Size Fashion

It was a year ago that I shared ModCloth's new plus-size collection. And now, ModCloth is celebrating a very exciting milestone this week -- the one-year anniversary of officially launching plus-size clothing on their site!

In just one year, they’ve expanded their product catalog with more items that fit all body types. Check out the full-range fashion page in their Style Gallery, which showcases community-uploaded photos featuring ModCloth items that are available in a full size range. Why? Because fashion should be for all!  I thought I play around a little and put together an outfit.  I love me some black, white and red mixed together. :)


Necklace / Handbag / Shoes / Dress

You can now get 30% off now through June 29th on some really cute shoes, dresses, accessories and more.

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

The Keys To My New Home

Well not quite.  I am relieved to share that we are staying put in our apartment for another year.  After having a chat with our landlord, he's ok with letting us stay a little longer and probably relieved to not have to deal with selling this place.  So that's that. I'm not moving for another year.  Now if only my cray-cray upstairs neighbors would disappear, that would be perfect.

Screen shot 2014-06-16 at 8.52.29 AMI came across more skeleton keys for future necklaces. How cool are these?  I only have one Key Necklace for sale in the shop so I'm stoked to have more.  I think key necklaces are timeless so I'll be adding these soon.  

I'll also have the key necklaces ready for my final Bazaar-on-Hudson date in a couple of weeks.  It's been a great market overall, I hope they bring it back next year or even add more dates after the Summer.   It's nice to have a regular in-person presence somewhere people can buy from you from that's not outdoors like a Farmer's Market.


A Visit To Chelsea NYC

The last couple of days have been emotionally draining. I recently announced that Mike and I were moving into a house at the end of July. On Monday we found out plans changed and now we can't.

It super sucks because we spent the last month making plans, getting excited, and the rug was pulled from under our feet. I'll spare you the stupid details but we're back at square one looking for a place to live again.

I needed a day to myself so I took the train to the city to stay at my parents.  While I'm here, I took a walk from Hell's Kitchen down to Chelsea and ended up at the Chelsea Market.  Artists & Fleas was my first (and only) stop there.



While I was there, I saw some pretty charms that I picked up. I can't wait to work with them.




Sorry this one is a little blurry.  I'm still a little shy when it comes to taking pictures of places for my blog. I was kind of rushing.  Bad Blogger! 

My next stop was Billy's Bakery - my favorite cupcakes in NYC, better than Magnolia and Baked By Melissa which I think are OVERRATED.  I picked up a dozen minis for my parents as an early Father's Day treat, half walnut, the other half banana. Ok I got them for myself too but I share! :)




If you visit New York City and you want to check out Chelsea Market, stay away on the weekends.  The place is a madhouse!  It is much better to go during the week as there are less crowds that you can actually SEE the markets and stores inside instead of mobs of people everywhere. 

Idle Hands Necklace

Here is what came of those hands I shared last week (click image for listing on Etsy)...

IMG_9435There's a reason why you don't see necklaces like this in my shop too often.  I guess I like to torture myself. I don't know why when the idea pops in to my head to make a multisdtrand necklace I end up saying "Yeah! Let's do it!".  They are a  pain in the neck to make, sometimes they don't align right but once it's ready, it's so gratifying. 

The darker beads are not quiet black so I like to describe it as Charcoal Grey but I like how it looks with the pink and ivory colors together. Definitely meant for a more fancier occassion but if you want to wear it to a BBQ, who am I to stop you? :)