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July In Recap

Thanks July, you've been kinda swell.  We made some changes around here, hopefully for the better. I also opened up a little more about facing fears and hardship. I've just been picking up the pieces from June.  

Now that the year is half way over, I need to focus on getting my online sales back up again as most of my sales lately have been through consignment and market dates.


What else happened (besides wrestling)? 

-Hosted my biggest giveaway yet (thanks again Indie Gift Box!)
-Introduced my new collection of Skeleton Key necklaces.
-I had a guest blogger! Alex shared some useful travel tips in preparation of her boyfriend visiting from Sweden.
-A much needed couple of days away just to not think about things too much. Coinciding my version of a guide to NYC in case you ever visit.
-And some more handmade soapy love with True Lineage.

August is a big anniversary month for a lot of things and I'm thinking about hosting another giveaway so stay tuned for that! 

Meet My Abigail Necklaces

This morning during my walk there was a surprising crisp in the air, almost Fall-like, I was loving it! Fall is my favorite time of year. The other day I was already thinking about this years spooky Halloween pieces but I just didn't want to wait so meet my Abigail necklaces...


Since flower crowns are all the rage, why not have my lady wear one of their own? I love putting a light touch on something that is traditionally dark, spooky, or gothic. I hope to add more with some other color variations soon but we'll start with these two.  Any colors you'd like to see?  

Click the image to visit the shop, these are also available in the Etsy shop

Who is Abigail? I got the name from King Diamond okay??? 

Handmade Soap ♥ With True Lineage

I recently received some lovely samples of soap from a soap making company in Los Angeles, CA, True Lineage. I got two great types: "Grape Fruit" and "Rose Milk".  


I've been using the Grapefruit bar and it's heavenly.  These highly moisturizing soaps are perfect for Vegans as it contains no animal glycerine.  The soaps are naturally fragranced and not loaded with perfumes so they are perfect for people with allergies to fragranced products. Plus look at the pretty packaging! They would make wondering gifts or wedding souvenirs, win! 


However, for those who love fragrances, a new collection of floral and fruit soaps will be launched soon.

True Lineage will soon be offering soap box service (soaps, oil, and body lotion subscription) to residents of US and Canada.  Follow them to stay updated at their brand new Facebook page.

Etsy Treasuries ♥

Did Etsy go back to their old treasury set up? I was kinda liking the new version of it.   Woke up today to find myself in two gorgeous treasuries I wanted to share. Click the images to check them out...

Screen shot 2014-07-24 at 11.12.43 AM
Screen shot 2014-07-24 at 11.12.43 AM

I've been planning my Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos jewelry pieces for this year. Right now I only have one Lady Skeleton necklace still available but I will be adding a new batch soon!  But it's nice to see the one I still have get some love too. 

My Weekend Recap

I'm getting old!  I did so much walking this weekend that my body feels like it's been hit by a truck this morning. What's up with that??

On Friday nights, The Metropolitan Museum of Art stays open late until 9:00 pm. We love going there. Finally even got to go on the roof but I was there for maybe 30 seconds as the big crowd anxiety sat in. I wasn't impressed. Who goes to a gorgeous museum like The Met just to drink at a bar?? =/

Museum visit #2 went to the Intreprid Sea, Air & Space museum.  I must admit my tolerance for others was really being tested here.  I would be standing in front of a plane reading the little sign explaining it's history and some jerk family would just come by and stand right in front of me, like I wasn't even there, and wasn't reading the sign.  They say New Yorkers are rude but I find most of the rudeness I encounter in the city come from the out-of-towners.

WRESTLING!!! Ok I never talk about wrestling here but if you follow me on Twitter, I can get a little annoying about it sometimes. Saturday night we went to check out an Indie wrestling promotion called Chikara. It was at night club in Hell's Kitchen so yay for being in the neighborhood! It was probably the most fun wrestling show I've ever been to.  The crowd was pretty awesome too. There's so much more out there than just what you see from the WWE on television (thank God!). And just a sidenote, the one holding the staff with the green mask is UltraMantis Black and he may be my favorite. :)

By Sunday we were both starting to feel tired but the weather was sooooo nice outside we couldn't stay in.  We went to Central Park, and so did half of NYC.

But that's ok because we still found a nice big tree to lay out under and let the time pass eating sandwiches, reading comics, and watch a squirrel fighting a twig, seriously what was up with that squirrel? 

It was a good weekend that kind of kicked my butt but I'm happy to be back home and sleeping in my own bed. My parent's couches aren't the most comfortable but you can't complain with free. 

GIVEAWAY WINNER! The winner of the Indie Gift Box has been announced and notified.  The prize goes to Sarah from

Pulp Sushi's Guide to NYC

I'm taking an early train to NYC this morning and won't be back until Monday afternoon.  Once again this is probably the only real vacation I'll have this year unless we stumble upon some extra cash. 

Officeview.jpgWe have trips to museums, street fairs, live pro-wrestling, Central Park, and lots of eating planned.  There is a new taco place that just opened at the Gotham West Market which I am dragging Mike to. 

I thought it would be a good idea the places I like to go to when I stay in the city and hope it wold be a nice guide for you in case you ever want to visit and avoid the traditional touristy spots. 

Central Park & The Metropolitan Museum of Art

What? You said no tourist spots! I know but these two places are different.  They are SO big and spread out, that you can still find a nice quiet pocket to just chill out.

 Long Island City Food & Flea

Just a quick subway ride from Midtown to Queens, this market started last year and has become really popular.  They have some great food options too.  Afterward, you can walk it off by heading over to the East River waterfront and take some cool pictures of the Manhattan skyline.


This is neighborhood is just south of Hell's Kitchen right before the West Village. I wrote about taking a quick visit there last month.  It is home to the Chelsea Market, the Highline (try to go early in the AM before it gets crowded), and a bazillion art galleries.


Hell's Kitchen

Of course this is where I stay when I visit the city because it is where my parents live. Over the years this area has become really congested with tourist and hotels with it's close proximity to Time's Square. Funny how the history of this area was so seedy and depressing.  I try to stay west of 8th Avenue. Ninth Avenue is full of restaurants and bars, there is really no need to wait if you're hungry.

I don't go to Brooklyn much because the subways to Brooklyn can be pretty moody on the weekends so make sure you check ahead if you plan to treck out there.  A fun Brooklyn blogger to check out is Chantilly from Chantilly Songs.

This should keep you busy! I will announce the winner of the Indie Gift Box giveaway next week. Have a great weekend!

Blogging and Business Pinterest Picks

In case you didn't know, I'm a Pinterest Peep. I'm always singing its praises and love wasting my time researching Pinterest for inspiration.  It's not all pictures of cute puppies, pretty dresses, and cozy chic bedrooms. 

I find some really valuable information and tips about business and blogging on Pinterest too! Don't believe me? Two of my boards that I pin to the most frequently are my Blog Life and Business boards.

Screen shot 2014-07-16 at 9.42.15 AM
Screen shot 2014-07-16 at 9.42.15 AM

These boards have become my personal library of awesomeness.   Information is changing and updating faster than ever and with my schedule, sometimes the only way I can keep up is skimming through my Pinterest feed.  It's crazy I know!  

I wanted to share some links from some recent pins: 

Is Pinterest just play for you or is it part of your work too?

Testing New Etsy Treasury Feature

With the recent changes going on with Etsy and it's appearance, it looks like they did add something that I actually LIKE! That's the ability to share Etsy treasuries a little bit easier.

Pastel curated by Old Time Etsy Team on Etsy

There is now an "Embed" button that appears on the upper right corner. When you click it, you get the following pop-up:

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 12.00.27 PM
You can now easily embed the treasury in to your blog post.  Unfortnately it takes away the details of who the individual sellers are but I guess that is suppose to give you the incentive to click it.  
While the graphic only shows nine items, the actual treasury now has 20 items! What do you think? Yay or Nay?

Back at Pulp Sushi - PINK!!!!!

I am tickled pink today to show you what's new and what's back in the shop. Pink, get it??? Because it's all PINK today.  First we start with the brand new...


 New Pink Flower Bouquet Necklace with smokey opal Swarovski beads.  Looks like something you see on a wedding cake!

Pink_cube_necklace_5This was a popular piece, I sold one previously and had just enough left to make a second.  The vintage beads remind me of bubblegum candy.



And another leaf necklace with some fun charms.  This leaf pendant is a little smaller than my other necklaces. I'm so glad to have this for sale again.  Everything here is also available in my Etsy shop.

Blog ♥: Have You Seen...

Happy Friday! We're finally getting a break in this crazy heat and humidity. I have no plans for this weekend really, just saving my energy as next weekend will be jammed packed of stuff. I'm spending next weekend in the city so I'm saving my $$$ and walking legs. :)   Here are some fun posts to check out this weekend (why wait, do it today!)


Learn how to make a Plant Terrarium at Living La Vida Holoka

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 11.03.54 AM

The adorable Mandy has shares some great Beach Worthy Summer Reads 


Loving the cross-stitch skills shared by Rebecca at Hugs Are Fun

Have a great weekend! Do something fun!