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HEY NYC! ModCloth's Open Casting Call Next Week!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Fashion mavens, rejoice! Next week, ModCloth is inviting you to come showcase your unique style at their #FASHIONTRUTH Casting Call for ALL event in downtown New York City on September 3rd.  This is such a cool event, I wish I could make it!  During this Photo Pop-Up event,  they will be chatting with fans and snapping their photos. 

  • When: Wednesday, September 3rd from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Where: Openhouse, 201 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012

All you have to do is show up in your cutest outfit and you could be featured on ModCloth and across their social platforms. Anyone and everyone is invited, so if you’re in the area, grab your friends and go -- this is an event you won’t want to miss! Head to the ModCloth blog for more details and RSVP info.

Sellers! Check Out

I'm back with another neat tool to check out when it comes to promoting your online shop.  Take a moment to check out It is a new place that brings together artists and artisans from various marketplaces to show off their work and potentially find new customers. 

Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 10.42.59 AM aspires to growing an ecosystem of passionate people for creation and productive synergy; a place to discover and support talented people and exceptional items.

Sellers can upload items from their shop and visitors can add them to "picklists" (it's like a Wishlist).  If you have an Etsy shop, you can upload all of your items in one quick swoosh!  You can also list shop items from Big Cartel, Folksy, Storenvy, Society6, and more.

This is not a new marketplace to sell your items.  If someone sees your listing and is interested in purchasing, they just click the green "buy" button and they will be immediately redirected to the marketplace on which your item is sold.

Screen shot 2014-08-28 at 9.10.33 AM is free to join and set up a profile where you can share your social media links and picklists. offers sellers a 30-days trial version of the Pro account which is available once you start adding your first item.

After the trial ends, you have the option to subscribe to their service for just $36.00 per year (that's just $3.00 a month!).  The reason this is not free is because the folks at really care about providing a service for professional and passionate creatives and want to weed out the re-sellers and spammers.  We can all benefit from that! 

Follow on Twitter and Facebook.

Life Lately...

I'm back from another weekend in the city. Mike and I were celebrating our anniversary this weekend. We've been together for thirteen years and going strong! As usual it was low-key because we're low-key kind of people. Spent a lot of time outside because the weather was rather pleasant for late August (my hair thanks you Mother Nature!).

Life Lately...

We absolutely love dogs but our landlord won't let us have one.  There is a dog park near my parents place and we always make a point to go by and watch the doggies play. It's better than television.

Life Lately...

 This same park is right on the Hudson River.  They have really developed the Hudson Riverfront in NYC in the last 10 years, it use to be inaccessible other than driving along side it on the West Side Highway.  Now we can lay out and watch the big cruise lines come and go. 

Life Lately...

Our "fancy" night out, I got down with some sushi and it was so good! It's funny how at first when they bring you the plate you think "I can't eat all of this!" but next thing you know, I'm just looking at a big green leaf and the pretty flower they made. The flower was edible, it was just to pretty to eat - KAWAII!!!!

Life Lately...


No visit to the city is complete without a visit to Amy's Bread. Oh Amy's Bread, you are just too good to me. 

Just a reminder that I'm having an ETSY SHOP SALE through Labor Day.  Get 30% off with code "ETSYSALE30". 

Back to NYC

Writing a quick post on my phone while riding the Metro North train down to Manhattan. Mike and I are gonna celebrate our anniversary this weekend in some our favorite neighborhoods and food face stuffing establishments.

We would revisit the places we went to on our first date but this is New York City after all and most of those places no longer exist. RIP Village Comics. :/

Have a great weekend! Be back Monday for an Etsy shop announcement.

Back to NYC

New Necklaces for the Fall

I added some necklaces that were made some time ago but finally got some love and added to the shop this week.  Click the images to view the Etsy listing.


Yep! Totally Downton Abbey inspired, I can't wait for the new season to start. I read that once again they're jumping ahead a couple of years and the kids are now a little older. I'm sure Lady Mary will still be cold-hearted and Lady Edith will have horrible luck with men.


Black Roses are cool, enough said. 
I feature this charm on another piece but if you prefer your necklaces a little more simple, this may work for you.

Back To School Gift Guide

I didn't want to be like Target and jump on the "Back to School" wagon in early July. No, I waited until mid-August because when I was little, that's when I started to hear about the back to school sales and when me and my mom would go shopping for new clothes, school supplies and such.  Getting school supplies were so much easier back in the day (I'm old you see....). 

I thought it would be kinda fun to put a list together of things I would get if I were getting ready to go back to school now. 


Do students still actually write down notes?  I was a serious note taker but never had pencils this cool from Rowhouse 14.  Let others know how you really feel! 



Of course you need a cool bag and it doesn't get cooler than studs and vintage right? Check out more cool bags from Flamingo Maude.


Duh! Coffee! Unless I was still in high school then it would be a can of Pepsi but then again I think high school kids drink coffee now. Bread and Badger has some great travel mugs available with a bunch of cool designs. I picked the shark because sharks are cool. 

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 10.23.27 AM

To go along with my previous question about writing, do the kiddies even use notebooks anymore? Laptops are heavy but not nearly as heavy as carrying a bunch of books.  If I had to carry a laptop with me, I'd have to swank it out a little with some color from Kidecals.

Hope you enjoyed my picks....I'm kinda glad I don't have to worry about buying school supplies anymore, phew!  Have a good weekend!

Back From Jury Duty!

Hey gang! Just wanted to share a quick post that I have completed my jury duty service and I can go back to my regular routine.  I'm glad I did it, but I hope I never have to do it again. 

Yes, it turned out to be an interesting case, but there were no winners.  It was a pretty serious and intense case which I didn't think would effect me until I came home after we reached our verdict.  I was feeling pretty melancholy the rest of the day. I cried a little too. It was hard to get back to work that night.

I won't go into details of the case out of respect of those involved and their families. If you are really curious, you can email me and I can send you some links from the local newspaper.

Rest assured that much, much, much coffee has been consumed.  

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 9.33.30 PM

Jury Duty - Be Back Soon!

Hey folks! I feel like it's been a while since my last post but the reason is I've been on jury duty which is a BLAST!

And if you believe that, I got a bridge to sell you. :) I hope to be back soon. Here's Homer Simpson when he was on jury duty. It's pretty much how I've been feeling.

Jury Duty


D'OH!!!!! I was selected to be on the jury.  This may take about two weeks.  I'll try to brainstorm some blog post ideas in the meantime.  Be back soon!

Blog ♥: Have You Seen...

It's Friday! It's the first of a new month! Let's end the week, and start a new month, by sharing some more fun web finds to check out.  Have a great weekend!


Last month over at the Crafty blog, they had posted a neat tutorial on Paper Chandeliers. 


Speaking of handmade tutorials, how prettyyyyyyyyyy!  Blog sponsor Droplet shows us how to make your own clay pendants. It's so stupid easy! =D


And finally, the adorable Kelsea shares the art of the Staycation which can be just as fun as going away and you come back less tired!