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September In Recap

In September I thought I'd try a "Photo A Day" challenge for the entire month.  Like most daily challenges, I failed.  I really tried to keep up but I ran out of steam.  I'm never going to do a 30 day photo challenge again and if you see me talking about it, STOP ME!  

Anyway here are some shots I was able to get in: 


And in case you missed it, here are some of my favorite posts from the month: 

- I started the month SO CONFUSED but this is where you community of blogger friends come in handy. :) 

- Some picks from my Autumn must haves.

- We saw Etsy change their front page, I'm one of the few that like it.

- Check out this super cute booth display!

Tomorrow begins the best month of the year and I can't wait! There is still time to sign up and let me promote your blog or business by taking out an ad for the month.



Necklaces, Coffee, and Pugs!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was spent trying to enjoy some sunshine and hanging out with a cute, spazzy pug.  But first, I added a couple more necklaces to the shop this morning



Clearly, you can see how the the time of day can play an impact on how my photos appear but I'm okay with it. :) 

Did you know today was NATIONAL COFFEE DAY? Me neither, but I don't keep track of such things because I drink coffee every day, sometimes twice a day so no big whoop here but I still decided to post a picture of my beverage this morning.

Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 10.13.30 AMThat cute, spazzy pug I was talking about? Actually belongs to Mike's brother's family - her name is Chloe and she is adorable but cannot sit still for a minute to let you play with her, she just so damn excited all the time, it was a miracle I was able to get this shot of her yesterday. 

Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 10.20.43 AMDon't let the sweet face fool you, she's a little jumping bean once you get near her, but I can't resist mushing her face when I get the chance to. :)

Advertise in Pulp Sushi in October

Yesterday I started hinting on Twitter and Facebook of some changes that were happening next week with a little sneak peek...


If you've been following along, I've talked about going in a different direction and I haven't stopped thinking about it since I put it out there in the universe. The ideas started to flow and things started to happen!  

All the newness will launch October 1st along with some other shop news so I hope you'll come back for.  Also October is my favorite blogging month where I really get open about my love for spooky and weird oddities.  

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Just stay home with the "Stay Home Club"

Ah if only more people chose to stay home, there would be less jerks out on the road. Instead I'm the shut in, sorta.

I wanted to show off my new t-shirt from the Stay Home Club - don't look at my face, I look doofy but I was feeling too lazy to put on makeup and Instagram filters to make my face "Blogger Friendly".   Anyway, it's about the shirt right??!

Check out The Stay At Home Club

Check it out, I even got a membership card to make it official! I really love my shirt, it's so soft, it's super soft at 50/50 poly/cotton. I already wore it two days in a row, but it's ok because I was at home. ;)  Check them out and support this wonderful business at and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

New Jewelry At Pulp Sushi This Week

This week I added more necklaces to the shop with Fall and Halloween ghouls on the brain. As promised, more Abigail necklaces were added too. These lady cameos totally represent ME and I shouldn't shy from it any longer.

And I know skeletons are not for everyone so a couple more charm necklaces for the nature lovers were added too including my new little favorite Swarovski crystal beads in Moccha brown for the acorn and Olive green for the tree.

You can check out all of these items in my Etsy and Storenvy shops, pick your poison!


Booth Display That's Better Than Yours

I saw this over the weekend on Artist & Fleas Twitter and "Awwwwww"d out loud!

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 3.45.56 PM

So yeah, maybe we all need to step up our booth display (indoors and outside) lol!  I mean seriously, look at that! This lovely display comes from Anna K.outure, ooooh cashmere! :)   I also keep a pinboard of craft fair displays in case I ever decide to get off my butt and make some drastic changes for my own setup.  I'm never satisified and I don't seem to have enough "cool" items on hand I can incorporate into my own display.  I better think of something as the holidays are approachings and I got some gigs lined up.

Check out the cat! 

Win A Twitter Handle Necklace!

Oooooh this is a giveaway I wish I could enter myself! Angie from My So Called Chaos is hosting a Twitter giveaway and the prize is this sweet necklace from Sincerely, Me. I helped sponsored this giveaway so here are some words from Angie sharing more about the giveaway....

Hello loves!  I recently rocketed past 3,000 Twitter followers and to celebrate I asked some lovely ladies to join me in a "Twitter Only Giveaway" in which we all went in on a lovely twitter related prize!  
What does that mean?  Twitter prize & twitter entries!


Prize Details
One lucky winner will win a custom Twitter Name Necklace which we're purchasing from the awesome shop Sincerely, Me: Personalized Jewelry Designs on Etsy.  
You can choose up to 12 characters for your custom design.  If your Twitter handle exceeds 12 designs you're welcome to swap it out for a Custom Monogram Necklace or Carrie Name Necklace instead.
Runs from 12AM on 9/19/14 to 12AM on 9/30/14 - Open Worldwide*
Entering the giveaway below agrees to all Terms and Conditions within.
*Due to international shipping costs, international winners will receive $40 Paypal cash instead to order as they please.

Thoughts On Etsy's New Front Page

Another change just took place over at Etsy, did you miss it?  Let's talk about this....


Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 9.45.19 AM
The new "Front Page"

Either I've been brainwashed or my brain is just tired of constant changes happening but this change doesn't bother me TOO much. I know there have been petitions written up, and treasuries made in protest. Now I WOULD say that Etsy doesn't normally listen to sellers but it looks like they went back on the whole storefront makeover (Thank God!) so maybe they do listen?


If you are not logged in to Etsy, the front page looks the same.  But if you are signed in, the front page looks like your Feed which has been curated by YOU when you favorite a shop.  So you see items from shops you favorited or people you follow first, then see items that your Favorites liked. THEN you'll see mosaics of shops that "Sells items similar to your favorites".  Then your sidebar has the usual Featured Seller, "Browse" option, blog posts, and "More Ways To Shop".

What has gotten people worked up, and understandably so, is unless you have A LOT of people favoriting your shop and followers, it might be harder to get noticed.   Here's my logic, it may seem twisted so hear me out.....

I have been in a lot of treasuries but have only made it to the front page FIVE TIMES since 2006. As of me writing this, I have 1,792 "admirers" and 356 "followers". Those numbers may not sound high compared to other Etsy sellers, but I think my odds of getting noticed are better now, especially when I add a new item or if someone favorites an item from my shop. My item or shop may be seen by more people now.  It might look a little busy, a little Pinterest-y (I love Pinterest) but I could get use to it.

So I might be in the minority here, I am more open to see if this change will make a difference in shop views, possibly sales, more followers, we'll see!   

What do you think of the new Front Page? 

Oh Heeeeey! More New Jewelry

This wasn't planned but I shared the following tweet yesterday: 

Screen shot 2014-09-15 at 10.45.33 AMI usually try to spread out my shop updates a little more, the last was on just on Friday but I got more to share today!



Another flower hair comb added along with my traditional Sailor Jerry flash tattoo inspired star necklace.  I'm actually going through all of my jewelry supplies and using up what I have. It's really refreshing and a little cathartic! 

I've been making some other small changes here and there but there are bigger ones to come.  I also wanted to take a quick moment and thank you guys for the comments left in my last couple of posts. I appreciate the encouragement and feedback.  I was really getting worried if I should just STOP entirely but I'm glad I got my head out of that funky cloud.  

So what's new with you? 

New Jewelry This Week

I have a quick update for you guys.  Last week I mentioned my failure of taking a shop break. So here is the first batch of new items I added to the shops.  You can find them at Etsy under and Storenvy. Click the thumbnails for a larger view.

  • IMG_9580
  • IMG_9597
  • IMG_9599
  • IMG_9610

There's a whole lot of chains going on!  I think it is part of that new direction I'm headed. Bright colors are great but I've always been drawn to the darker side of things as far as my interests go and I think it's time to reflect that a little more in what I produce.  The bright, colorful work has been fun but I think it's ran it's course in my world and you'll start to see a transition.

I am trying something new with the hair combs, I have a bunch of flowers left over AND these hair combs I've been wearing in my hair for  years, why did it take me so long to put two and two together? What do you think?