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Happy Halloween!


I hope everyone has a super fun Halloween! Are you dressing up? Did you dress up already? I'll be home eating candy that no trick or treaters will be getting. They don't trick or treat in our development, oh well. Their loss. 

CandyI've just been eating the pumpkins because they're my favorite Halloween candy (not candy corn).  I know they're evil and full of very bad sugars and things probaby burning a hole in my insides but it's only once a year!!!  What's your favorite Halloween treat? 

Tonight will be a marathon of scary movies and possibly watching some of the horrible coverage of the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade.  The channel that covers it kind of sucks.  It doesn't help that a lot of the costumes in the parade are not really PG so they gotta be careful something doesn't accidentally appear on the screen in the background. It is a super fun parade and should be experienced at least once.

October In Recap

October was a fun month, it always is. It's my favorite month.  Leaves changing, another trip to the city, creepy dolls, and more. It was also when my blog got another makeover which I think i'll keep for a while.


What else happened this month? 

I know October is not over until after tomorrow but it's HALLOWEEN and I want to share a Halloween related post.  

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See you tomorrow! 

New Bracelets At Pulp Sushi

I'm happy to share the new bracelets added to the shop this week.  I recently talked about trying out chainmaille jewelry and I am officially hooked.  It's also nice to offer some jewelry for men now.  Click on the images to visit their Etsy listing.

You've heard me talk about the store Galaxie 13 a couple of times. I'm happy to share that my Lady Skeleton Cameo necklaces are now for sale in their shop.  I think they will fit in their oddities motif very well. 

Screen shot 2014-10-21 at 11.26.15 AM

I made the conscious decision to remove these from the shop because they're just sitting there and not getting to many views. I think they have a better chance of being seen and selling in a b&m store than in my online shop. It may sound backwards but that has been the case with other stores so we'll see how this works.  

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Blog ♥ : Have You Seen...

Here's my special HALLOWEEN EDITION of Have You Seen....because there's so much spooky goodness out there to share.

Cornucopia's are a very traditional Autumn decoration but Hannah from The Homesteady put a creepy spin on her cornucopia. Keep it through Thanksgiving and freak out your relatives! 


Paige from Little Nostalgia has a good eye for design and spotting trends.  Earlier this month she had some Halloween predictions of what the hot costume ideas would be this year, was she right? I think so. 


Sugru! I was given some samples for jewelry making. It is a moldable glue that comes in different colors, and feels like playdough but dries as rubber. It sticks to just about anything. You can use it for home repair or make something crafty.  I'm horrible at sculpting so my first attempt was making a ring.  It didn't come out too bad, I think I'm going to paint it though.  The left overs I used to patch up a hole I had on my laptop cable.  You give it 24 hours to dry and you're set, really strong and durable!

Vscocam1 Vscocam1 Vscocam1

And to tie Halloween into the mix, you can use it for decoration and costume ideas too!


Remember when I shared my Graham & Brown Halloween wall art last week? They included one of my images on their blog to get inspired by Halloween. I'm so glad they were happy with what I did with their wallpaper.  I hope you'll check that out.  If I didn't get the skulls, I would have chosen this pattern.

Take advantage of Craftsy's Halloween Flash Sale happening now! Enjoy scary-good savings on select fabric, yarn and kits that are vanishing quickly. Hurry, this limited-time offer expires Friday October 24, 2014 at 11:59 PM MT. Shop Craftsy's Hallowen Flash Sale fast while supplies last!

Another NYC Visit

With my funky schedule, Mike and I can't really spend weekends in the city anymore so when he had a couple of days off at work, we made our way down again for a Wednesday through Saturday morning trip. We always try to visit the city in the Fall although it was unseasonably warm, damn! We still made the most of it.  Another trip to The Highline was in order. 


Thursday we walked down via Highline to 23rd Street to see the original Nightmare on Elm Street.  It was part of a weekly series hosted by NYC celebrity Hedda Lettuce - "Hedda at the Classics"!  She was SO freakin' funny! She talked during the movie and used her laser pointer to point out random ridiculousness.  I got to meet her afterward, I was pretty giddy

We did some more walking around earlier in the day in the Chelsea area and paid a visit to the Chelsea Market.  It's so much easier to walk through there on a weekday.  The weekends are killer!  They had some really fun Halloween decorations too.



New York has about 687,369,603,002 museums - ok maybe I exaggerate the number a little but there are A LOT of museums, big and small, super popular and some under the radar. I've heard about the The Museum of the City of New York but never checked it out before until this trip. It's small but a really cool space.

Being a super fan of "Mad Men", I really loved the exhibit Mac Conner: A New York Life. It showed the illustrations he did for advertising campaigns and women's magazines in the early 1960s.  The descriptions and stories behind many of the prints were really fascinating and telling.



My favorite thing about the museum? Their staircase.  It was a Black and White lovers dream with random NY related quotes all over the walls with images of vintage New York City. I want this in my home!  

The building was built in 1932 just for the museum and it still has it's pre-war structure and design, a gorgeous building.  It is located on "Museum Mile" just across the street from Central Park so a trip to the museum and a walk through the park afterward is a great way to spend the day.  

Do You Like Creepy Dolls?

Old dolls, you either love them or are creeped out by them. I fall into both categories. I have a collection of Living Dead Dolls but nothing vintage. I will admit that recently those "Annabelle" movie commercials freak me out!

However my "creeping out" didn't keep me away from this cool exhibit going on at Galaxie 13 in Beacon, NY.  The "Creepy Doll Series" includes oil paintings by local artist Lisa Scheffer.  You've been warned. 

Do You Like Creepy Dolls?

Do You Like Creepy Dolls?

Do You Like Creepy Dolls?

Do You Like Creepy Dolls?

Do You Like Creepy Dolls?

Oh wow you've made it to the end without running away. Good for you!  So what do you say? Do you think you can have one of these portraits hanging in your house? 

Halloween Decorating With Graham and Brown


When I was contacted by the folks at Graham & Brown about featuring their wallpaper on my blog, my first thought was "I rent an apartment, I can't wallpaper my walls."  However Graham & Brown wallpaper is so practical, you don't need to use it to just cover your walls.  They have an example of how to use their wallpaper to decorate a table.  I can image they would make pretty cool table runners too. 

With Halloween coming, they have some pretty fabulous designs to play with: 

  • 31-227-main
  • 31-228-main
  • 50-509-main
  • 50-512-main
  • 19911-main

After viewing these, I got an idea for Halloween decoration. I got a sample roll of the skulls design.  It arrived really quick too from the UK.

I went to the local craft store and picked up some canvases.  This design is too awesome to not have hanging on your wall.  The skulls are textured so they're fun to touch.


All you need is a pair of scissors, a staple gun, and an X-acto knife.  I needed another set of hands too so Mike helped.  We stretched the wallpaper over the canvas nice and tight, then folded over the sides and edges.  We used the knife to trim off any excess. Then we got to stapling!



BAM! Instant art! I plan to make more with different size canvases but I just couldn't wait to show this one off.  I love how my Black Apple "Pirate Girl" looks next to the skulls, it pairs well together.  My friend Paige at Little Nostalgia recently shared some more fun ideas you can do with wallpaper.  

Graham & Brown are more than just spooky wallpaper.  Their US site has some great designs on sale right now and some gorgeous wall art too.   Thank you G&B for the roll and inspiration! 

It's a Pulp Sushi Giveaway!

A giveaway?? Tell me more!

Well it has been a while since I have hosted my own giveaway so why not have one during my favorite month?  I just launched it last night on Instagram.

It's a Pulp Sushi Giveaway!


That's right, this is an Instagram only giveaway so you need an Instagram account in order to enter.  The prize is what you see here: a pair of Black Rose Stud earrings and Lady Skeleton Cameo brooch.

Check out my Instagram account @pulpsushi for more details.   You just need to follow me on Instagram, regram the image and include the tag #winpulpsushi. Cool? Cool.  The winner will be selected on October 24th.  It is open to everyone. 

A Walk Over The Hudson

What makes living in the Hudson Valley great is the Hudson River itself. Many parts of the Hudson remain timeless while so much development happens around it. The Walkway Over The Hudson is an old railroad bridge which has been out of commission for years.

They gave it a makeover and made it a pedestrian bridge that connects Poughkeepsie in Dutchess County to Highland in Ulster County. You just can't beat the view, especially in the Fall. The other day Mike and I took a nice long walk on the Walkway and the weather could not have been more perfect.

A Walk Over The Hudson


This is the view facing west.  The walkway is 1.28 miles long and the longest elevated pedestrian bridge in the word.  You can't see the other end when you first get on. 

A Walk Over The Hudson


This is the view of the Hudson facing north.  If you stay on this, you can see FDR's home (anyone see the Ken Burns documentary on The Roosevelts?), the Catskills, and more.

A Walk Over The Hudson

Is it possible to have a favorite Fall tree color? If so, I think this is it.  The shade reminds me of the sweet, crisp taste of a Gala apple (my favorite).

A Walk Over The Hudson


This is the view facing south on the Ulster Country side.  The bridge is the Mid-Hudson bridge.  If you stay on the river going south, you'll eventually get to Manhattan on the left and New Jersey on the right.

I hope you enjoyed my little quickie tour.  This is one of the many places I love to visit in the Hudson Valley and I'm lucky being so close to it.  We're trying to take more advantage of it and not be such homebodies.