11th Annual Art and Craft Fair at Bard College
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Craft Fair Recap, One More To Go!

Last Friday I spent the day at Bard College doing their 11th Annual Holiday Art and Craft Fair.  Bard College is about an hour north of where I live so we had to get off to an early start. Mike spent the day with me which was cool.  He does these vintage medical decoupage art that he had set up on my table and they were very well received.  You can see some of his plaques in this picture.


I'm a bad Craft Fair photographer, meaning I hardly take pictures when I'm working at a show. I took this photo at the start of the day. The show got off to a slow start but things really picked up in the afternoon. But overall I had a really good time. It's such a nicely curated show and the organizers are so kind and helpful.  I enjoyed chatting it up with some of the other vendors too.  There was more to the fair than this room, there was another room and vendors set up in the hall and entrance, over 70 vendors total.


I lost the business card I took from this table! I'm gonna keep digging, but she was from Kingston.   I grabbed a bar of their Mango Sorbet Soap because I need to stock up for 2015. I stock up on different bars of handmade soap where I can so I'm not left hanging. 

I have one more fair this Saturday in Beacon and then I'm done for the year.  I have not added anything new to my shop, just renewing listing. I probably won't have a *real* shop update until after New Year's. I need a recharge after all of this. 

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