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New Pulp Sushi Jewelry this week

Woohoo! I recently had two Storenvy sales in one week! Ok one of them was from someone I knew but that still counts! It broke my non-selling dry spell so I'm pretty happy about that.  It's giving me hope that I can totally make my Storenvy shop work if I just apply myself.  So yeah, February > January.

I've been focusing my attention on Storenvy again after all the negative attention Etsy has been getting recently because of Third Bird Nest.   I've discussed this enough on Facebook and Twitter but it is what it is and it doesn't look like Etsy is going to do much to stop sellers like this from popping up.  I still have to do what I can to lure customers to my shops directly.  

Plus Storenvy just has nicer looking storefronts as I pointed out last year.  Since then, I dropped the custom domain and coupon offer so I'm saving more money this way.


I already sold one pair of these earrings the same day they posted so I rushed to make another pair. I have a former coworker who is a big supporter of my jewelry and she snatched these up.  She looooves pink! :) 


It's been a while since I added a new flower pendant necklace.  I'm thinking ahead of Spring and slightly warmer temperatures and seeing pretty flowers bloom.


This camera necklace actually sold Sunday night. Hoping I can get more camera charms soon but I just really like the way I staged this image and I wanted to share it on my blog anyway.

Have anything fun planned this weekend? It's the end of February so the worst of winter is over right? RIGHT??? Have a great weekend!


Sign Up For My Love List, Enter To Win Raffle!

I know! I know! It was just over a year ago I "retired" my email newsletter because I stopped caring. The thought of putting a newsletter together every month with not much to say made me cringe, so I dumped it.

I had a change of heart after reading Maker's Dozen: 12 Alternatives To Selling Handmade Goods Online and I dusted off the old Mailchimp account. Here's why: 

- Facebook kind of sucks for business pages unless you want to pay for advertising.  

- As much as I love Twitter, have you ever checked your tweet activity? I'm lucky if my total impressions break 100. Tweets get buried very quickly.

I learned out about Mailchimp Snap.  With Snap I can set up a quick email and attach an image from my phone or Instagram, then send it out to my list quick and easy! So I'm giving this a shot again.  

What's this about a Raffle?


As an extra incentive, when you sign up now through March, you are automatically entered to win this gift set from me which includes a set of three flower hair pins and my Tree of Life heart charm necklace.   Already sign up? No worries, you're already entered! The winner will be announced and contacted in early April. 

I realize that people who go out of their way to sign up to get an email from you are super awesome and those folks need to be treated extra special *smooch!*  I also hope to have more raffle giveaways for sign-ups in the future.  It's me trying out different ways to get the word out on my business.

So if you're game, sign up by clicking the image or link below, thanks!

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 8.25.00 PM

Here's the link to the sign-up form.

Pulp Sushi Jewelry - Something Different

This month, two boutiques I sell my jewelry in are closing, which sucks, but that is the risk of having a b&m business. I'm just happy I was able to be a part of them.  Time to move on!

Recently I was approached with an opportunity to sell at a gallery and I'm jumping on it. This is different for me and it's pushing me to step outside of my comfort zone a little in my work but I need to challenge and push myself if I want to see any results. 

There is not much time as the deadline to submit everything for opening day is fast approaching. I use to work really well under deadlines in the corporate world but now I'm sweating.  

One of the challenges I'm facing is I don't have much money to stock up on supplies so I'm working with what I have.  It's almost like being in the "Chopped" kitchen but for jewelry.  

You can only use these materials, make something fabulous!

I came up with nine items that are ready for shipping and I will keep my fingers crossed. This is a real test in my confidence because there is a small voice in my head saying "Who are you kidding??"  Since this is a gallery and not a regular clothing boutique, I am putting this extra pressure on myself.

I can't wait to share more about this once it's up and running but like a lot of people, I don't want to spill the beans too early because I still believe in jinxing things.

Link ♥ : Favorite Recent Blog Reads

I've been doing so much reading lately on developing as a business person and a better person overall and there's a lot of great material out there that makes me nod my head in agreement. I wanted to share a couple of those links today with you. The screenshots link to the posts.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.45.52 AM

I consider myself an emotional person and this post from Bionic Buddha helps me look into that. By "emotional", I don't mean everything makes me cry and sad, it's more like everything makes me angry.  Ok maybe not "everything" but my initial reaction many times to things that upset me is to get angry, get loud, curse, throw something, you get the idea.  I always know afterward that that's not the way to handle things and that it gets me no where, but that doesn't mean it won't happen again.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.46.15 AM

A very cool post from The Laughing Medusa about mentors. Mentors are important to have no matter who you are. They keep you motivated, on your toes, and give you much to think about especially when you want to throw in the towel. I've never met any of my mentors in person but you don't have to meet with them in person to still learn from them. Some of my mentors are Holly Becker from Decor8 (for blogging), Gala Darling (for empowerment), Dave Conrey from Fresh Rag (for business) and Betsey Johnson (for design & business) - seriously she was facing bankruptcy and bounced back.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.47.03 AM

Kyla Roma always shares some knowledge gems.  I fall victim to this, especially when I get all gung-ho about getting my shit together, you dangle something new in front of and say "This will help get your shit together!"  I'm all "oooooooh!"

I'm always looking for more great posts to read (and pin) so if you know of any, please share in the comments so I can check them out.

The one with hearts and super cute dogs

Anyone follow the Westminster Dog Show? A beagle won, her name is Miss P and she's super cute. The show was in NYC and over the weekend, I was in town to check out Meet The Breeds. It's a show you can attend and there are several booths set up for different dog breeds and you can ask questions and find out more about that breed. You can also pet the dogs, that's what drew me in. The location was horrible and very disorganized but then you got to see THESE FACES! ♥

There wasn't a Daschund booth which was disappointing because that's probably the dog Mike and I want to get the most. But you never know, I can go to the shelter (because we'll definitely adopt), and fall in love with another type of dog entirely.  There isn't a type of dog that I don't like.

And of course it was Valentine's Day and the most Valentine-y thing we did was eat this cake from Amy's Bread. Amy's Bread is probably my favorite bakery in NYC and I'm happy there is one in my parent's neighborhood in Hell's Kitchen. There's also one in the Chelsea Market and in the West Village.  Anyway, it was a red velvet cake and we just split it down the middle, it was soooo good.


Unfortunately it was super cold in the city this weekend so we couldn't be outside as much as we normally are which stinks but there's always the Spring. 

Let's Get To Work: Auditing Your Etsy Shop


And when I say "Your" Etsy shop, I really mean mine ha ha!  During one of my recent "oh whoa is me" phases, I decided to listen Dave's interview with digital artist John Golden for his Fresh Rag Podcast.  The subject was how John was able to increase his Etsy sales 400% by reworking his SEO strategy.  That is not a typo, that's four hundred.  I was taking notes. With Etsy AND Google changing their algorithms, it can be a daunting task.

I know it's not a matter of my work sucking, because it doesn't, it's just not being seen by enough people.  I'm tired of complaining about lack of sales. I've heard from many Etsy sellers saying their business was at an all time low last year so I can't take this personal anymore.  We're all hustling!

It's been a long time since I've sat down and audited my Etsy shop. It's time to put some work in again, and not just tweeting and pinning things out there. It's a big job so it's got to approach this with small steps. 

Edit Title, Tags Descriptions

Every day I've been going through my listings and reworking a couple of items at a time with titles, descriptions and tags.  This will help not only in Etsy searches (which has switched to relevancy) but search engines too.  Giving items pretty names aren't as relevant anymore.  You really need to think like a customer and what they would be looking for and just stick with that. Keep it simple, don't over think it.

More Listings

I duplicated some items and moderated the tags and listings a little.  Maybe 13 tags aren't enough for an item, here's 13 more!  I've seen jewelry shops with 500+ listings.  Maybe I won't add that many but I have seen other shops practice this so I'm trying it out with some items. I don't plan on listing two of everything but my goal to have at least 100 listings posted at all times.

Add__, Favorite ___

If you're on any Etsy teams, you see these threads pop up so I've gotten in on them.  You share a certain number of items from your shop and in exchange you favorite a certain number of other items from the thread previously.  This is purely just to get your item posted on front pages for others to see.  It's quick and easy to do and it has helped with my pageview stats.


Other than updating some of my backgrounds to my older items to match my more recent items, I'm happy overall with the look of my product images.  Scrapbook paper stock and natural light are still my friend.

Have you reworked your shop recently?

New at Pulp Sushi Jewelry (and doggies!)

Happy Friday! Time to share what's new in the shop this week. It has been a while since I made some kitschy beaded earrings. I think seeing all this snow has got me craving for something other than WHITE! I guess I've been seeing RED. 


Skulls are back in the Etsy shop today in the form of two new beaded bracelets, more red.


Have any Valentine's Day plans?  Me and  Mike are staying in NYC this weekend and guess what? MORE SNOW IS COMING! Unlike where we live, you can still do things in NYC when there's snow but it is going to be soooooooo cold.  We are going to Meet The Breeds on Saturday which is part of the Westminster Dog Show activities going on in the city next week. We went a few years ago and it was so much fun.

2011-11-19 13.36.44

I wouldn't want to spend Valentine's Day any other way than playing with dogs.  Oh and be with Mike of course ha ha!  We don't make too big of a deal of Valentine's Day overall, we exchange cards and go out to dinner, but we go out to dinner a lot anyway.  I hope I can take some pretty snow pictures Saturday night. :) 

Have a great weekend!

Selling Your Work Through Facebook

One of my tasks for 2015 is to revisit my Storenvy shop and stop neglecting it so much.  I recently discovered that there is a super easy way to integrate your Storenvy shop to your Facebook page through your Storenvy "Merchant Admin Panel".   There is a "Facebook" tab staring right at you: 

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 2.51.53 PM

With just a few clicks, bam! You can buy directly from Facebook - because let's be real, Facebook wants you to stay IN Facebook for as long as possible so it's nice that Storenvy worked something out with them. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 2.00.24 PM

I rearranged the order of the tabs so the "Store" button appears after "Timeline, About, Photos" so it's easy to get to.

Of course I didn't forget about Etsy either.  If you visit my Facebook page now, you'll see a "Shop Now" button right over the banner. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 2.02.29 PMInitially this button was a note for a "Call to action". The call to action being to sign up for a mailing list, visit your official website or store.  I have my Etsy link here so if you miss one shop button, you won't miss the other.  While it is not super obvious which store you're going to with each link, it's still something you may be missing out on using.

How much do you use Facebook for your business? Have you set up a shop through your Facebook page? 

Business Inspiration: You *ARE* A Designer!

I make jewelry, I'm a jewelry maker. Whether I am putting a charm on a chain, or intricately making a chainmail bracelet or hand-wiring a necklace, I'm still "making" jewelry. Crafter, Maker, Designer - I'm only comfortable with two of these words.


"Crafter" because yeah I like to be crafty and do things with my hands (knit, crochet, make jewelry, do handmade "stuff").  "Maker" because like I said, I make jewelry.  Some people use the word "Maker" because they don't like saying "Crafter", I embrace both.

"Designer", now that is a word that has been a little harder to swallow.  I don't know why, I see a lot of people describe themselves as a "Jewelry Designer", why can't I? What classifies one as a "Designer" anyway?

A person who devises or executes designsespecially one who creates forms, structures, and patterns, as for works of art or machines.

Okay. Check! I can't draw to save my life but that doesn't stop me from sketching ideas in my notebook.  I would stop whatever I am doing just to get a sketch down before I lose it. I get an idea and bring it to life.  Sometimes it works out, other times it's better left an idea but it's the process that matters I think.

Lately I've been reading a lot of blog posts and listening to podcasts gearing towards empowerment, motivation  and building confidence with your business and other aspects of your life. I love reading blogs like Galadarling, Kyla Roma, and The Nectar Collective. I also recently downloaded Ashley Wilhite's free e-book from Your Super Awesome Life, highly recommended. 

I'm my biggest critic, I think we all are but I have allowed that critic to hold me back for too long.  It's all about how you handle your own criticism - either believe it or prove it wrong, just like any other critic!  I need to stop playing down what I do as nothing to be taken seriously.  And stop with the comparisons!  Everyone chooses their own path and direction so I can't measure my own success based on what others have done.

So today I start anew, no more downplaying who I am and what I do.  Jewelry Designer!  How do you title yourself and your work?

New In The Etsy Shop This Week

Back with more items added to the shop this week. There was a break with shop updates last week because I've been re-working my Etsy listings (which I'll talk about another time).  

I'm still buried in the snow and got a fresh layer yesterday morning so I still have my "Snow Day" going on where you can get 20% off your Etsy purchase with the coupon code SNOWDAY20, dig it! 


 This is the second version of this necklace I made. I sold the last one in Beacon over the holidays. This Agate Stone is slightly darker. So hard to capture accurate colors but this is brown, white and dark gray (not black).