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New at Pulp Sushi Jewelry (and doggies!)

Happy Friday! Time to share what's new in the shop this week. It has been a while since I made some kitschy beaded earrings. I think seeing all this snow has got me craving for something other than WHITE! I guess I've been seeing RED. 


Skulls are back in the Etsy shop today in the form of two new beaded bracelets, more red.


Have any Valentine's Day plans?  Me and  Mike are staying in NYC this weekend and guess what? MORE SNOW IS COMING! Unlike where we live, you can still do things in NYC when there's snow but it is going to be soooooooo cold.  We are going to Meet The Breeds on Saturday which is part of the Westminster Dog Show activities going on in the city next week. We went a few years ago and it was so much fun.

2011-11-19 13.36.44

I wouldn't want to spend Valentine's Day any other way than playing with dogs.  Oh and be with Mike of course ha ha!  We don't make too big of a deal of Valentine's Day overall, we exchange cards and go out to dinner, but we go out to dinner a lot anyway.  I hope I can take some pretty snow pictures Saturday night. :) 

Have a great weekend!

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