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Jewelry of MAD MEN

Do you love Mad Men? Are you sad to see it all come to an end this season? I do love me some Don Draper. 

As my loving tribute, I wanted to dedicate a post to the JEWELRY of Mad Men. I consider mid-century style and personal design inspiration for Pulp Sushi jewelry so I hope you enjoy what I've put together today.


Pearls! Lots and lots of pearls.  Big pearls, small pearls, pearl necklaces, pearl earrings.  Still very popular today, and you don't have to be a snotty, shallow bitch to wear them, right Betty? I like using Fresh Water Pearls in my jewelry.


My favorite, Joan, wore her gold pen necklace a lot throughout the show.  I don't think I ever actually showed her using it but it's there if you need a pen.  

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 3.51.29 PMI think I relate the most to Peggy.  Very shy and reserved, more comfortable hanging out with the guys.  Is more confident with her smarts then appearance.  She kept her accessories simple, never really wore big pieces of jewelry.  And gives a presentation not realizing she has lipstick on her teeth.

Are you a fan of Mad Men? Shall we start a support group now to begin the healing process? 

Pulp Sushi Jewelry Now Available At ArtsWestchester

Today I leave you with a different type of shop update for the week. I'm so happy to finally share with you the news that my jewelry is now available for sale at the SHOP at ArtsWestchester in White Plains, NY! The SHOP at ArtsWestchester is located at 31 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, NY.  Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 12pm to 5 pm. 


I'm in some excellent company too. You can see my little display here along with some pretty cards  and prints from my friend Cindy from Cynla


That's not all of it.  Some pieces were put off to the side for the Fall.  I'm so excited to be included in this store.  I was really worried when two stores I sold in closed earlier this year so when this opportunity came up, I had to jump on it even though I was a little apprehensive.


There is another store possibly in the works here in the Hudson Valley but nothing is finalized yet.  If you know of a store that you think Pulp Sushi Jewelry would be a nice fit in, please let me know - it doesn't have to be New York either. :) 

I'm Writing An E-Book!


Last week I mentioned that I am writing my first e-book and I'm pretty excited about it!  Writing is something I have always enjoyed since I was little and blogging has provided my writing "fix" for many years.  

I played with the idea of writing an e-book but didn't know what to write about.  Now I have FOUR ideas for an e-book, funny how that happens. There is one topic that is really pulling at me so I'm going for it.  After joining groups like One Woman Shop and the Being Boss Facebook Group, now is the time.

My first e-book is going to be about Social Media.  For years I have been asked by friends and colleagues questions regarding Social Media, mostly regarding promoting their handmade businesses:

I don't know how to use this....

I don't have time to use that....

I don't get it!

It's time to finally write it all down and just put it out there for anyone interested.  There's just SO much "how to's" for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, my hope is to mesh it all into one fun and helpful read.  Plus I have seen growth within my own accounts in the last year so maybe I'm on to something? 

The truth is, I love Social Media, as stupid and pointless as it is sometimes, I do.  It's how I stay connected to friends and family, it's where I get my news from, and it's just pretty neat.   I wish Social Media Management was around when I was in college. I totally would have majored in that, but instead I learned everything on my own and am cool with that too.  

Have you written an e-book? Thought about it? Tell me about it! 

Watermark Images With PicMonkey

I don't watermark all of my images because I'm lazy, especially when it comes to product items. Sometimes I use them for images shared on Instagram. I've been a part of discussions on whether or not it's worth watermarking images. I don't think it's necessary for me because I am not selling digital downloads, photography, or stationery designs.

There's a reason why many card makers post a photo of their card in their shop over posting the image file, it's simple - people steal!!  

Watermarks can be ugly, invasive and take away from the image.  Today I wanted to share a quick tip of how to add a watermark to your image without it looking gawdy and without using Photoshop. My tool of choice is PicMonkey, I hardly even use Photoshop anymore except to edit product photos. 

First, visit and select to "Edit" an image you already have saved.  I'm using this image as an example: 

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 7.57.58 PMYou can add text to your image by selecting the Text option "Tt" in the left side menu.  You are presented with a number cool font options to use.  If you see a crown next to the font, that means you need to have a Royale Membership, otherwise, pick your font then click the "Add Text" button.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.01.50 PM
The font you select will move to the top of the list. That is how you know which font has been activated.  I choose "Playball".  Start typing in the "Type Your Text" box.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.15.50 PM
The Text box on the right allows you to change the color of the text and the size.  I am keeping the text color Black but increased the font size to 89 and centered the alignment.   You may need to click and drag one of the sides of the box to enlarge the space if you are increasing your text by a lot. 

I place my text where I want the watermark to appear. I am not a fan of putting the watermark right dab in the center of the image. When I do use a watermark, I like to place it on the top or bottom of the image but space it so if someone tries to crop it out, it will make the rest of the image look cut off. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.23.09 PM

Now it's time to soften the text. In the "Fade" option in the Text box menu, simply click the circle and drag it to the right.  I dragged it until the fade percent was 81%, don't want to fade it TOO much where you can't see it. Once I'm happy with the look, I save my image. 



See that's not so bad. Want to try  PicMonkey's crazy-awesome photo editing? They have a free trial you can check out so you can test out their "Royale" features too.  It's also great for putting together quick and pin-worthy graphics for your blog.  I've been using it for blog images, can't you tell? :)

How do you feel about watermarking your images? Do you do it? 

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

New Jewelry This Week At Pulp Sushi (and some news!!)

Happy Friday! I'm glad to share what's new in the shops this week and I have an announcement towards the end of post that I'm just a bit giddy about.

I scored some pretty cool brass gears recently and couldn't wait to start incorporating them in to some jewelry!  The gears are very light weight and smooth and not scratchy on the skin, which was a concern I had but it's all good!   This week I want to show off a new necklace and bracelet added to Etsy and Storenvy.   As always, readers can use the Etsy coupon BLOG20 for 20% off.



Would you believe I'm running low on jump rings already?  I'm so happy with how the bracelets have been turing out so far that I want to make more.  You can check out what I have so far here

What's this news?

After much thinking and asking around, I decided that I'm going to write an e-book!  I have three ideas floating around in my head but one in particular is really pulling at me so I've been preparing my outline and taking notes.  

I always wanted to write an e-book but was concerned that there are already so many out there, every topic has been covered, but screw that! There are a billion love songs written, it doesn't stop a song writer from writing another one right?  

Right now my goal is to have it out in July.  I'm writing this on my blog to put myself on notice and hold myself accountable.  So stay tuned and have a great weekend! 

E-Book Review: 75 Ways To Help Your Brand Stand Out

As I mentioned recently, my Kindle and I have been getting close through all my e-library borrowing and e-book downloading.  Today I wanted to share with you an e-book I recently read that I think lots of my blog buddies and fellow small businesses can benefit from. 


Are you familiar with If not, then you should be! I absolutely love reading her blog.  Her role in my life (and yours, you just don't know it yet), is to help you be the best creative entrepreneur you can be whether your business is blogging, online store, or a service you provide. 

The word "Brand" gets thrown around so much now that I don't think people understand just what exactly branding means.  I admit that for a long time I didn't know and didn't bothered to know. That was foolish of me so I'm getting my act together almost 10 years later.  

Once you have a grasp of what your brand is, Regina lays out SEVENTY FIVE ways to make it stand out and she covers the whole shebangity-bang.  From updating your blog's "About" page, organizing your social media accounts to understanding your web analytics. She provides several tools to get your act together when it comes to gathering data from your target audience and customers.  If you want to be serious about your business, this is the kind of work you also need to get into unless you're filthy rich and can hire someone to do it for you.

You can get this book for free, yes FREE!  When you sign up for her email list at, it's her gift to you.   She has a very insightful blog too if you are wishing to grow your blog audience and make money from your blog. You can also follow her on Twitter @byReginaTV .

Working From Home - One Year Later

Working From Home

NOTE: I have a new layout!  If you're viewing this in a reader, visit to see the new look!

It was a year ago this month that I said goodbye to my long, grueling commute and quit my full-time job. The year went by fast! I can't say the transition has been easy but I welcome not having to commute anymore, especially after the winter we've had with this much snow.  

The downside has been that I'm making way less money and I've had moments where I've wondered if I made the right decision.  I was hoping Pulp Sushi would bring in just a little bit more money since I had more time now to promote it.  Pulp Sushi profited for the first time in 2014 but I don't have anything to show for it yet and am hardly in a position to say Pulp Sushi is supporting me enough to make up for the pay difference.  I had many depressing bouts and questioned just what the hell I was doing.  I'm lucky to have Mike supporting me and continues to be very encouraging. While those doubts still pop-up, I'm glad I made the decision I did.

I still "get dressed" every day. Even if it's not business casual clothes, I still need to get out of my pajamas or else I'll feel like a bum.  I keep my routine of eating my meals at regular schedules and not get thrown off.  Some days the TV doesn't even go on until after 1:00 pm because I don't want to get distracted. I don't check my iPhone until after I've at least eaten breakfast.  I am most productive and motivated in the morning and start to slow things down in the early afternoon.  I've been exercising more too which is something I really needed to do.

Another thing that helped me get out of my funk was listening to podcasts while exercising and working. It's been a great help. I listen to a mix of wrestling podcasts and business-related podcasts. Some of my favorite business podcasts to listen to are: 

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.40.33 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.40.33 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.40.33 PM

I love being home, but sometimes miss going outside. I try to go out at least once a day but you know how that goes, some days you're just not feeling it.  We're limited to one car and while I have a drivers license, I have some serious anxiety about driving I need to get over.  I can walk down to Starbucks or Panera Bread and work from there for an hour or two. I really need to do that more just so I can be outside and around people even if I'm not socializing. 

It would be nice to have company once a month, whether it's just one other person or ten, doesn't matter. Just something to look forward to where I can meet with other people in person and just talk about what we're working on, struggling with in our business, etc.  Connecting with people on the internet isn't an issue, I've joined a few groups on Facebook which have been pretty cool.  I also joined One Woman Show this month so this year looks to be about reaching out and networking. I can only do SO much promoting and hustling on my own and what I'm starting to learn is that I just can't do alone, I don't think anyone can.

Are you still juggling more than one job while pursing your ideal career? Do you work from home too? How do you feel when you're not socializing as much as you used to?

Spring Wedding With Modcloth Fashion

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

Attention, wedding belles and gorgeous guests -- you're cordially invited to explore ModCloth's exquisite wedding collection! Fall in love with dreamy dresses and outfit finishers perfect for brides, bridesmaids, and attendees eager to express their unique perspective on style. And don't forget -- we want to see the fab ModCloth look you put together! Use #marriedinmodcloth to share your inspiring ensemble with the rest of the ModCloth community.

Let's see, if I were getting married this Spring (I'm not...this is not a special announcement), I would definitely go non-traditional in my look and wear items I can wear again.  I don't even think I would wear a white dress. This nice shade of cream like this Let's Reminisce dress would work nicely.  

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 11.53.38 AMI'd always want to wear a pair of shoes that will stand out and make people say " CUTE!" like these Seychelles Catch A Glimpse Wedge Shoes.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 12.23.45 PM

And since my feet suck, I probably wouldn't be able to stay in these all day (I know, tragic.) So I would need a pair of flats to swap for later like these To Pastel You The Truth shoes. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 12.14.40 PM

Holy moly! This outfit only comes out to $149.97!  Even though this is a sponsored post, when the day comes where I do get married, I'm about 99% certain that most of my outfit would be purchased with Modcloth, seriously. 

Handmade Chainmaille Bracelets at Pulp Sushi Jewelry

The chainmaille saga continues! I've been going through my latest stash of jump rings and mixing it up a little with some beads. You can click the images to view the Storenvy listings but they are also available in my Etsy shop


The color combinations I've been putting together lately have actually be inspired by comic book characters.  This particular bracelet is Spiderman or Superman-ish. The Green and Purple bracelet I shared last week was totally the Green Goblin.  I also made a bracelet based on Iron Man which was sent to the gallery I wrote about previously.  Which reminds me, I should be sharing more details about that soon. It's opening TOMORROW!


Just a reminder that there is still time to sign up for my email list to enter to win my first raffle prize.   I am going to be sending out two emails a month for now after gauging the response I've received so far on newsletter frequency.  I'm surprised how many people like to get them weekly but I'm still on the fence so I'll just do two per month for now and see how it goes.  

How often do you like to get an email that you've subscribed to?

Loving Lately - My Kindle Fire

Loving Lately

I have a Kindle Fire HD 7 which I got a couple of years ago on a whim when Amazon was offering a ridiculous Cyber Monday sale. I didn't know if I was going to get into ebooks since I love reading books so much but it won me over.  It's especially comfy to read when I'm laying in bed, which seems to be when I do most of my reading - at the end of the day before I fall asleep.

My Kindle and I were off to a slow start.  At first I didn't have wifi so I was pretty limited using it and I didn't care much for the free books available.  Once I got wifi and figured out how to download ebooks from some of my favorite bloggers, my world changed.  And I discovered the public library's digital catalog! Woooooo!  I recently borrowed Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children which is creepy as fuck and I'm questioning if I should keep reading this before I go to sleep. 

I've been reading more business development ebooks I've purchased on Etsy and freebies that I've downloaded that I think would be cool to review here in separate posts but they include reads from Dave Conrey and Regina Anaejionu.  I think I'm reading TOO much now. 

Have you noticed that there are A LOT of motivational/business consultants out there? Wow! But I digress...

What have you been reading lately? What type of books do you like to read?