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I'm Writing An E-Book!


Last week I mentioned that I am writing my first e-book and I'm pretty excited about it!  Writing is something I have always enjoyed since I was little and blogging has provided my writing "fix" for many years.  

I played with the idea of writing an e-book but didn't know what to write about.  Now I have FOUR ideas for an e-book, funny how that happens. There is one topic that is really pulling at me so I'm going for it.  After joining groups like One Woman Shop and the Being Boss Facebook Group, now is the time.

My first e-book is going to be about Social Media.  For years I have been asked by friends and colleagues questions regarding Social Media, mostly regarding promoting their handmade businesses:

I don't know how to use this....

I don't have time to use that....

I don't get it!

It's time to finally write it all down and just put it out there for anyone interested.  There's just SO much "how to's" for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, my hope is to mesh it all into one fun and helpful read.  Plus I have seen growth within my own accounts in the last year so maybe I'm on to something? 

The truth is, I love Social Media, as stupid and pointless as it is sometimes, I do.  It's how I stay connected to friends and family, it's where I get my news from, and it's just pretty neat.   I wish Social Media Management was around when I was in college. I totally would have majored in that, but instead I learned everything on my own and am cool with that too.  

Have you written an e-book? Thought about it? Tell me about it! 

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