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Blog ♥ : Links To Check Out

It's time for me to share my recent favorite blog links I hope you'll take a look at.  It's a little all over the place but it's all good!

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 1.32.50 PM

"When you turn jealousy and comparison into a crush, it not only reframes your emotions as healthy and positive (and gives you motivation to improve your game)."

What a great approach to addressing jealousy with other bloggers/sellers from Love and Data

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 1.33.39 PM

Everything has pros and cons.  I have only met ONE person who says they wouldn't want to work from home, everyone else says I'm lucky but there are times where I don't feel so lucky. I'm working on it. I'm so glad Ali Bee shared this! 

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.13.23 AMI am a total blogging advocate and think it's nuts to not have a blog if you have a business or trying to promote something.  Don't get caught up with the technicalities of blogging - how often to write, how much to write, what do I write about, etc.   Kayli breaks it down at The Freelance Hustle on why it should be a part of your marketing.

Bestsites2_update-13-1024x390There are a bazillion lists out there for everything.  It can be overwhelming.  So why am I sharing this list? Because this is the list of all lists!!! =D  

The ladies at One Woman Shop worked very hard and spent a lot of time putting together the 100 Best Sites For Solopreneurs.  This list is not a rank list but grouped together by categories like Digital Marketing, Branding, Finance, Publicity, Productivity and more.  So bookmark this one, take your time going through it and store it for future reference. 

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas - ETSY SALE

It may be time for me to toot my own horn here (Toot! Toot!) and give you some Mother's Day gift ideas from my Etsy shop.  Use Mother's Day coupon code MAMA23 to get 23% off your order in the Etsy shop.  Mother's Day is May 10th so there is still time. 

Mother's Day Sale

Jewelry can be tricky! I know.  My jewelry design style is not for everyone but I have a nice jewelry mix of traditional and quirky, younger and young at heart so I got you covered. ♥

FlowersThese flowers never die and can be worked all year long.  I have flower necklaces, dangle and stud earrings, and sets of flower hair pins

There is also a nice collection of Nature-related jewelry including acorns, owls, bugs and trees

Or perhaps you are looking for something a little more simple and petite like a choker necklace featuring different color Swarovski beads?  There's a nice selection of this too. 


This is just the tip of the iceberg.  With 100+ items in my Etsy shop at, you have plenty of gift ideas to choose from and don't forget to use the Mother's Day coupon MAMA23 at checkout for 23% off your purchase! 

One Woman Shop Instagram Takeover

Hey everyone! I am taking over the One Woman Shop Instagram account @onewomanshop today so hop on over and give a follow and see what a typical day is like in Pulp Sushi land. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 10.56.16 AM

I joined One Woman Shop earlier this year as I was looking for more networking opportunities for solopreneurs and this has been a nice fit so far.   When you work by yourself and you are home most of the time, it is easy to start to feel like you are on your own but you don't have to be. 

We’re part resource, part community and all heart.

I love that!  They have a very active Facebook group with a lot of knowledgable information.  So swing by Instagram today and check out what's up.

It's Time To Be Thankful (in April)

Another Monday is here and it's raining and gross outside but I'm happy. I'm trying to practice being thankful more instead of wallowing in what I don't have. Today I'm thankful that I get to stay home in this weather, drink my coffee, and have VH1 Classic's "Totally 80s" playing as background noise.  

I'm also thankful for the really nice weekend I just had. I got to spend a lot of time outside and watch some Vassar College baseball.  I love baseball, especially New York baseball. I'm totally a Yankees fan but I also support the Mets.  There is a Subway Series coming up soon so that's always fun to watch.

Last, I'm thankful for Jillian from John Met Betty Handbags!  She had a bunch of old jewelry she was looking to get rid of and was willing to let me take them off her hands.  I got a box in the mail full of awesomeness and couldn't wait to get started.  That's where the following "new" items come from this week.

The images link to their Etsy listings but you can also find them at Storenvy.


Have you been trying to practice more Thankfulness lately? Let's not wait until Thanksgiving to reflect on what we should be thankful for.

Celebrating Etsy's IPO With Pictures!

I intentionally did not talk much about Etsy going public.  I wasn't exactly against it but there was that part of me that felt like my favorite underground punk band that just me and a few friends were into suddenly would become U2.  Maybe that's a bit dramatic?

I knew they were going public this week but I did not know it was yesterday. I just happen to be going down to the city yesterday.  While on the train I'm looking at my Instagram and I'm seeing some photos of folks I know at the NASDAQ building.

"Oh that's today!" I thought.  "Guess I ain't buying any stock just yet because I'm broke" (see yesterday's post) I also thought.  Then I started seeing pictures of a pop-up market going on in Times Square by Etsy. I gotta walk by there so I better check it out.


How crazy is that? I can't explain it but when I saw the booths, the Etsy orange balloons, the cameras, Etsy's name up in lights, many, many, many lights - I got giddy!

Etsy 3

I bumped into my friend Kimm Alfonso who I know back from my early Etsy days with the NewNew team but she now works for Etsy managing their Seller Development teams (you may have gotten emails from her) and we were both like "Holy shit man!!!"

Etsy 2



After my first stop, I rushed over to my parents, dropped off my bag and went back. I brought my mom with me.  I got her an Etsy tote bag, ok it was free. :) 


There were cameras all over the place which just added to all of the excitement.  The above is Alexandra Ferguson being interviewed.    The sellers at this market were flown in from everywhere, not just New York. I think Etsy did a really nice job representing the kind of unique, quality items you can find on their site.

This turned out to be a really cool experience and fun time. Afterward I was following the #sellerbration updates on Twitter and Instagram and it was nice to see so many positive words for Etsy. There has been a lot of negative opinions put out there about Etsy going public recently.  

Well, it is what it is, I'm still gonna do what I do for my shop and draw customers to me.  Just as every business (hopefully) grows, so has Etsy as a business and I'm fine with that. Kudos to Etsy! 

Life Lately: Embrace Your Meltdown


Ever get into a creative  or emotional funk? Times where you just feel down and defeated? Here is my extensive comprehensive list to turn things around:

  • Scribble angrily in journal
  • Tear out pages of said journal
  • Play The Simpsons "Tapped Out" - I'm "pulpsushi"
  • Play other games on iPhone and Kindle
  • Watch monster movies on Netflix
  • Eat cookies
  • Make a Vanilla Chai
  • Curl up in a fetal position on couch with favorite blanket
  • Cry
  • Tell your partner you feel hopeless
  • "Mind Dump" it in a blog post (this one)

Ok maybe not extensive or comprehensive but you just read a good chunk of my Tuesday this week.

The worries of money continue, it never goes away. I just paid my taxes which put a damper on bills this month and I've fallen behind, I'm not ashamed to admit it, that's life.

Sometimes in life, you have little freak-outs and instead of keeping positive, don't give up, and all those other encouraging things you see on Pinterest, instead just say "Life can be pretty shitty, I fucked up, I don't know how to fix this!" and let the meltdown happen. 

It's okay to have a meltdown. 

Once the tears have dried and you get out of the fetal position, you'll start to feel a little better.  You don't have to be strong all the time. Allow yourself to feel weak and vulnerable. These are times when we evaluate our character and overcome what's bringing us down.  We need to feel these things from time to time in order to restore our truer selves right?  I wasn't planning on writing about this but it helped me get to the other side.

How do you get out of your "moods" where you just want to throw in the towel?

Hootsuite: I'm Doing It Wrong!

I've been using HootSuite for a couple of years and it's been a life saver when it comes to scheduling my tweets.  However as I follow more people on Twitter and put more lists together, my Twitter was getting a little out of control.  That is until I read this super informative post from The Loudmouth Lifestyle about blogging time savers and Hootsuite was the main focus.


To the untrained eye, this may still appear a little overwhelming. I was not taking full advantage of the amount of tabs and streams I could set up.  In addition to my own Twitter account, I also help manage the Twitter account for Hudson Valley Etsy.  Instead of switching between accounts, I just click over a tab. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.50.06 AM

1) My Pulp Sushi Twitter gets it's own tab and there are four columns set up. Each column is it's own "stream".  First is my regular Twitter feed which I would see if I sign in to Twitter on my computer and phone.  The second column is my @mention columns so I don't miss anything.  The third column shows the tweets I sent out, and the fourth are tweets I have scheduled which is my tool for scheduling tweets that promote my shop and blog.  I get to see it all in one screen. 

2) You can follow Hudson Valley Etsy @hvnyteam.  I have same set up for this account as my own account, boom!

3) I have a tab for some of my lists. I have 19 lists, there is no way I am going to have 19 columns on one screen because that's even too much for me.  So I have my four favorite lists set up, it seems like my brain can only handle up to four columns going at once.

4) I only participate in two Twitter chats a week: #ellechat and #blisschat.  They're pretty busy chats and it's hard to keep up so I have a column set up for each hashtag and again for @ mentions because people get chatty and I don't want to accidentally ignore anyone.

5) Facebook is straight forward. It includes my personal feed - which I find is more accurate and true to time than your feed at  It keeps updates in order.  I also include my Facebook Page feed here too so again, no need to switch around too much.

6) Do you know Pocket?  I have a habit of favoriting tweets that link an article I want to read but then I forget about it.  With Pocket, I can favorite the tweet and it will automatically save the article link in Pocket so I can read the article here. 

7) "Hashtags" is pretty self explanatory.   Whether it's watching #TheWalkingDead or watching Monday Night #RAW, I need a separate tab just to follow hashtags, this changes frequently.

Since I made these changes, I've been spending a lot more time on HootSuite.   Do you use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck for your account management? Isn't is the best? 

Are you a #GIRLBOSS? (Review)

Back with another book review, today I will be talking about #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I've seen this book floating around but decided to get into it after seeing several people recommended it in the Being Boss Facebook Group.


I couldn't put #GIRLBOSS down.  Sophia shares her story of starting her business from scratch with just a couple of vintage clothing items on eBay to growing it into Nasty Gal. She had no idea what she was doing but she kept with it because she really had no other choice, it was hard for her to keep a "real" job for more than a few months, the girl had to live!

Branding has been something I've avoided because I didn't quite get it and people seem to have different definitions of what branding is suppose to be.  She writes about how she came up with the Nasty Gal Vintage name initially and ties it in with the branding of her business. This one paragraph in #GIRLBOSS was probably the most straight forward depiction of how to build a brand I've ever read which made perfect sense. 

The story of Nasty Gal's company growth is pretty mind blowing but hardly glamorous. She really busted her ass and worked for it. She knew there was more to it than posting some listings on the internet and they will come.  She was always working on her listings and scouting for more items to sell. Once she started selling on eBay, her partying was pretty much over.

That is the misconception people have when you work for yourself.  They think you can stop whenever you want to do fun stuff and that's not the case.  They say people who strive to be their own boss will work 16 hour days so they can avoid working 8 hours for someone else.

Sophia went through a lot of jobs but it wasn't because she didn't like to work, she was just doing the wrong kind of work. I can totally relate. I once thought Human Resources was for me but 15 years was enough to kill that noise.  

People change and you grow out of things.  When I started working in Human Resources, I didn't mind people so much lol!  Becoming successful in whatever profession you pursue is about knowing your weakness and playing to your strengths.  Some people don't like working with structure, it's not because they're lazy, their brains just don't work that way.

#GIRLBOSS was a quick and easy read but still full of useful insight of what you should know about when going on a job interview, how to write your cover-letter, and how to look for an investor when you're ready for that step. We all have it in us to be a #GIRLBOSS and this book gives us the tools on how to start. 

NYC weekend visit

I'm back! I was only gone for a few days but it felt longer.  We went down to Manhattan and stayed over the holiday weekend.  We didn't have much of an agenda.  

NYC weekend visit

I just wanted to post this first because I just love the pink building!  It might be an eye-sore for some folks but not me.  This was taken in the East Village, maybe 5th Street off of 2nd Avenue.

I got down to the city Thursday morning and spent some time in one of my favorite Hell's Kitchen spots - Gotham West Market.  It's a super glorified food court.  I grabbed a late breakfast/early lunch, I swear there's egg under all that bacon. It was yummy.  

NYC weekend visit

I hate it when I see tagging on street walls. I don't see the point in spray painting your nickname in a stupid scribble that's hardly legible. "Street Art" on the other hand, I love. I came across this wall while walking back to my parent's apartment, it's pretty funky!

NYC weekend visit

Do you watch the TV show Oddities? I really enjoy that show and always wanted to check it out in person.  We did not purchase these dolls but we did come home with a bat skeleton and some other little trinkets.  It's a very cool store with super nice staff.

NYC weekend visit

While we were in the East Village, we stopped by Toy Tokyo too.  There was just WAY too much toys to check out but this cutie robot caught my eye.  It was the colors. I did not bring her home though.  I bet she would be happy in that pink apartment building.

NYC weekend visit

I spent more time at Gotham Market and tried Ramen for the first time, it wasn't bad.  Put noodles and boiled eggs in anything I will probably like it.   It didn't feel like Easter really, I have not had much Cadbury Creme Eggs this year and that's a bit of a disappointment but I think I'll live. 

New Jewelry At Pulp Sushi This Week

Happy Friday everyone! By the time you read this, I will be in NYC just hanging out for the weekend and a change of scenery.  Hoping this weekend can give me a recharge of sorts as I feel like I've been slacking on the shop updates.  My focus has been on other things still related to Pulp Sushi but not the actual "making".  It comes with the business when you do everything yourself.



The images link to their Storenvy listings but you can find them in the Etsy shop.

Have anything fun planned for this weekend? Maybe go on an Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday? Snack on some chocolate bunnies perhaps?