June 2015 Mid-Year Audit
It's My Etsy Anniversary Too

Now Available At Newburgh Mercantile


I am so excited to announce that I now have jewelry for sale at Newburgh Mercantile in Newburgh, NY.   Newburgh is just across the river from Beacon and very easy to get to.  Newburgh Mercantile is a pop-up boutique within a framing shop specializing in local, unique, handmade gifts and decor ideas. 

Newburgh has been going through a lot of changes for the better in the last couple of years and new businesses are coming to the area, Newburgh Mercantile being one of them. I am happy to play just a teeny weeny small part in that.  

Newburgh Mercantile is located at 75 Broadway, Newburgh, NY in Orange County.  You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.   They are also one of the organizers of Newburgh Illuminated which is going on this weekend celebrating Newburgh's 150th Birthday.

I also wanted to share that this was my first Etsy Wholesale transaction which is exciting! I was really worried about losing two stores earlier this year but it just goes to show that when one door closes, another one opens and I have to say, I have been happy with how things are going in the Etsy shop the last couple of months.  

I really feel like the extra work I've been putting in scheduling my tweets is paying off.  When you work on gaining more views, I think the sales will soon follow, it just requires patience and continue doing the work.

Have a great weekend!

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