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Life Lately...(Summer)

LLIf only I can spend a couple of days a week sitting in a coffee shop for hours.  I would be writing draft posts for my blog, working on my e-book, sketching jewelry ideas and brain storming some witty tweets to promote them.  However, that's not the case. None of that is happening.  I blame the Summer. The Summer makes me feel laaaaaaazy.

I'm seeing a shift in blogging.  Do you see it?  I'm reading more posts about how bloggers are blogging less and they feel guilty about it. Don't! There's just too shit out there, let's not keep adding to it.  I still follow blogs who don't post daily, it's ok if you post once or twice a week! I have found that I am less likely to scroll over a blog post from a blog that posts less often than someone who is always updating. 

E-book, yeah I'll finish that one day.  So much for my July deadline.  I still plan on finishing it but I don't have an expected time.  They say you should give yourself a deadline to kick yourself in the ass and stay motivated.  But most of what experts say don't apply to me lol! 

I ordered some more jewelry supplies the other day and I have unfinished pieces on my table for a few weeks now.  When I say I feeling lazy and sluggish, it's really that!  I don't think I've experienced a slump this bad since ever!  But I am not going to beat myself up over it, I'll just document it all on my blog instead.  Maybe if I had a market coming up that would motivate me? Perhaps that's why I am most productive in the Fall/Winter.

There's no drama to report, nothing is pulling me away from blogging/writing/jewelry making, I'm feeling meh is all.  How are you doing this Summer? Keeping busy? Going some place fun?


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