Block Party Recap
End Of Summer NYC Visit

I'm Seeing RED! New Jewelry For Sale!

I meant to share what's new in the shop last week but before you knew it, the weekend arrived and I skipped town, sorry about that!

I wasn't exactly on a "Red Kick", I just happen to have a lot of red beads stock and red is such a hot color any time of the year. Red is a very powerful color.  It is a color that symbolizes so much emotion from love to anger, danger, power, aggression and energy. It's a fun color to play with.




I got a lot of new materials that I am excited to work with so there will be more updates soon.  

I've been planning my upcoming holiday shows and I feel like I'm over my sluggish non-productive hump.  I am sooooo looking forward to the Summer ending already.  I'm excited for the Fall and Winter as a lot of cool stuff is coming up. 

I submitted my application for this year's Hudson Valley Hullabaloo and I was talking to Mike about Bard College's holiday craft fair - which I hope they do again this year. And of course there is the holiday show that my Etsy team puts together in Beacon, NY so as usual, the holidays are going to be busy and I will do my best to try to enjoy some of it.  

Are you getting your shops ready for the holidays yet? 

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