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Life Lately: Feeling Reinvigorated


In my latest newsletter, I shared that the end of Summer/start of Fall feels like a time of renewal for me.  Traditionally it's January 1st or the start of Spring but I'm backwards.  

I've been adding more items to the shop and applying to holiday craft fairs. The fourth quarter of the year tends to get pretty busy and I think entering my favorite season inspires me and motivates me to get to work. 

Also, I had an epiphany recently. Yes. An epiphany.  Last week I was reading over the e-book I've been working on - which I happen to take an unexpected long break from.  I started thinking about how much has already changed since I started writing it.  For example, PERISCOPE! I don't think Periscope was even a thing when I started writing and now it's here and it's a hit.  Pinterest has added more features to make sharing pins and pulling images easier too. 

I am going too damn slow and not keeping up with these constant changes!  So instead of publishing an e-book one time which could have out of date info in the next 9 months, I am going to convert it into a blog series instead now. Hooray! 

I know, another Social Media blog series?? Yep! The introduction will be posted next week with more detail on what this new series will be about.  It is a topic I enjoy reading and learning more about. I also like working with it and figuring out different ways to use Social Media for my business - some turn out great, others are bust and I plan to dish it all.

What else is going on? I'm going to see RANCID on Thursday! I haven't seen them in 14 years!  No matter how old I get, the band will still be older than me. ;) One of my absolute favorite punk bands who just got better as they got older.  No pit action for me though. I don't want sweaty bodies touching me lol!

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