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    Processing system of mine gas sensor

    On the basis of working principle, adjustment steps and exhaust gas purification technology of gas sensor, the design scheme of the system is made, and the unattended adjustment and exhaust gas treatment system with C8051F020 single chip microcomputer as the core control unit is designed, which is divided into two subsystems of signal acquisition and automatic control. The signal acquisition subsystem has completed the collection of the output signal of the gas sensor to be adjusted, the collection of the output signal of the gas sensor used for exhaust gas monitoring such as the gas sensor and the collection of the output signal of the temperature sensor. The automatic control subsystem has mainly completed the calibration gas intake control, the drive control of the exhaust gas processing device, the infrared signal output control, the expansion of the external data storage and Liquid crystal display of exhaust gas concentration and over standard concentration alarm, etc. The mine gas sensor system can realize the verification and adjustment of 64 way mine gas sensors. A real-time system which can send various infrared adjustment instructions to various types of sensors is designed to realize the automatic closed-loop verification and adjustment. The photocatalysis oxygenation technology with active carbon fiber loaded TiO2 is used to completely degrade the toxic gas such as gas in the adjustment process and purify the indoor environment BP neural network is used to predict the dosage of activated carbon fiber to realize the automatic and correct dosing and replacement of purification materials. The system realizes the automatic closed-loop calibration of a large number of mine gas sensors, improves the working efficiency and calibration accuracy, reduces the input and maintenance costs of labor force and calibration equipment, decomposes and purifies the toxic and harmful exhaust gas such as the excessive gas in the calibration room, and ensures the physical safety of the operators and the indoor and outdoor environmental quality. At present, the system has been in the stage of trial operation. The test results show that the system runs well, the accuracy of control process is high, the real-time data is strong, the anti-interference ability and stability are good, the waste gas treatment effect is obvious and meets the national emission standards, and the unattended adjustment and waste gas treatment functions are realized.

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