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    Eight key points for maintenance of mine explosion-proof electrical appliances

    We all know that the installation of explosion-proof products is related to property safety and personal safety. Therefore, the safety of explosion-proof products must be checked by technology. Therefore, every designed explosion-proof lamp for mining must be approved by relevant national departments. After receiving the notice, the product will have the qualification of production, and after being produced, it will be inspected and tested many times. After being confirmed to be completely safe and correct, it will be certified by the state It's ready to go public. But this is not enough, because mining explosion-proof products have always been in a dangerous working environment, so we also need to regularly carry out safety inspection to ensure its work efficiency and safety.

    1. Cleaning and maintenance of explosion-proof electrical appliances: carefully check the grease condition of explosion-proof surface, rod, hole and shaft. Be patient when wiping, and wipe the dust and oil stains on them. After the parts are wiped clean, the internal running parts and the shell parts are evenly coated with industrial vaseline oil, which can play the role of rust prevention and moisture, and also improve the service life of the product.

    2. Inspection of parts of explosion-proof electrical appliances: when the product is in operation, the maintenance switch of the main circuit of the switch is in operation, because of the dynamic heat generated by the current, the connecting wire of the main circuit of the switch and the bolt of each component will be loose. At this time, it is necessary to carefully check whether there is Looseness on it. If there is looseness, it is necessary to tighten it all.

    3. Insulation test of explosion-proof electrical appliances: the insulation level of the products will be reduced when the products are working and inspected, so the insulation test of the products is absolutely indispensable. It should be noted that before the test, alcohol cotton yarn should be used to wipe off the dust on the surface of the insulating parts to prevent the surface from creepage.

    4. Internal inspection of explosion-proof electrical appliances: the internal mechanism of the product will wear when working, so it is necessary to carefully check the wear degree of the internal device during the inspection. If the wear degree of the device is too large, it must be replaced to continue to use. If the wear degree of the product is small, it is also necessary to apply lubricating grease and lubricating oil to the worn part to continue to use Use.

    5. Circuit inspection of explosion-proof electrical appliances: priority shall be given to the inspection of the secondary circuit of the electrical switch. During the whole inspection process, care shall be taken to check whether the circuit is loose or squeezed. When checking the plug, care shall be taken to check whether the insert on the long head is rusted or broken. If there is any, it shall be replaced immediately.

    6. Parameter inspection of explosion-proof electrical apparatus: during the inspection, it is necessary to pay attention to the switch parameters on the product, and check whether the above set parameters are consistent with the original set parameters, so that the inspection can prevent parameters from being modified without knowing.

    7. Fixed inspection of explosion-proof electrical equipment: explosion-proof electrical equipment works in a dangerous place, so vibration and impact must be indispensable. So of course, we also need to check the tightness of the device, and we need to tighten the explosion-proof electrical appliances regularly to prevent the explosion-proof electrical appliances from failure.

    8. Inspection for damage of explosion-proof electrical appliances: due to the factors of working environment, explosion-proof electrical appliances are always subject to some large and small losses, so we should carefully check whether there is any product deformation or lack of parts outside the product. If found, replace the product immediately.

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