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    There is detailed information about the mine power-off meter

    The power-off instrument is composed of the main machine of the power-off instrument, sensor and audible and visual alarm. Kdg18 power-off instrument host a) input voltage: 380V. A C, 660V. ACB) number of analog input channels: 2; c) number of control output channels: 1; d) switching capacity of short-range control relay: 660V / 0.5 A; E) intrinsic safety power output: 18V / 360 ma. DC 2-way; F) working time of standby power (under rated full load): ≥ 2H; g) model of standby power battery: dzmj-10 lead acid battery, 12 V / 10 ah; h) Display mode: 4-digit digital tube display; I) analog signal input mode: 200Hz ~ 1000Hz; kgj28a low concentration methane sensor a) measurement range: 0.0% CH4 ~ 4.0% CH4 b) component detection response speed: ≤ 30s C) whole machine working voltage: 9V ~ 24v.dc (intrinsic safety power supply); d) whole machine working current: ≤ 80mA (DC 18V); signal output: 200Hz ~ 1000Hz; kxh18 mine intrinsic safety Full type audible and visual alarm a) working voltage: 18V DC b) working current: ≤ 100mA C) alarm intensity: ≥ 85dB (a); yht1 universal remote controller a) remote control distance: (0 ~ 1) MB) transmission angle: ≥ 120o. c) Battery model: cr1220. Cable a) mhyvrp cable shall be used between the main machine of mine power-off instrument, sensor and audible and visual alarm, and the wire diameter section shall not be less than 1.5mm2. b) The black rubber sleeve cable is used to connect the power supply.

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