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    Cable Tray

    It is suitable for laying of power cables with voltage below 40 kV, control cables, lighting wiring, indoor and outdoor overhead, cable trench and tunnel. The structure features and installation series of cable frame have the characteristics of complete varieties, wide application, large strength, light structure, low cost, simple construction, flexible wiring, installation standard, beautiful appearance, which is convenient for your technical improvement, expansion of cables, maintenance and repair. The installation of series cable tray can be adapted to local conditions. It can be laid overhead along with the process pipeline; it can be hoisted under the floor and beam; it can be installed on the side of indoor and outdoor walls, column bells, tunnels and cable trench walls, and it can also be installed on outdoor columns or buttresses. When large multi-layer bridge is hoisted or erected, I-steel columns shall be laid symmetrically on both sides as far as possible.

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