Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas - ETSY SALE

It may be time for me to toot my own horn here (Toot! Toot!) and give you some Mother's Day gift ideas from my Etsy shop.  Use Mother's Day coupon code MAMA23 to get 23% off your order in the Etsy shop.  Mother's Day is May 10th so there is still time. 

Mother's Day Sale

Jewelry can be tricky! I know.  My jewelry design style is not for everyone but I have a nice jewelry mix of traditional and quirky, younger and young at heart so I got you covered. ♥

FlowersThese flowers never die and can be worked all year long.  I have flower necklaces, dangle and stud earrings, and sets of flower hair pins

There is also a nice collection of Nature-related jewelry including acorns, owls, bugs and trees

Or perhaps you are looking for something a little more simple and petite like a choker necklace featuring different color Swarovski beads?  There's a nice selection of this too. 


This is just the tip of the iceberg.  With 100+ items in my Etsy shop at, you have plenty of gift ideas to choose from and don't forget to use the Mother's Day coupon MAMA23 at checkout for 23% off your purchase! 

Pulp Sushi Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Sure flowers and candy are great but that's not the way to my heart.  I wanted to put together some gift ideas that will win me over if I was still single.  This is by no means a hint for my boyfriend, we actually don't exchange presents on Valentine's Day but that's ok, he spoils me all year long. :)  If you are looking for jewelry, hello - check me out! :) 


1) I still can't say No to a cute pair of big, platform, wedge shoes from Modcloth.  These are special occasion shoes for when you want to feel extra cute.

2) While I have a dress that is already covered in hearts if you don't want to commit to the FULL Heart print ensemble, this Sweet Your Heart Out skirt also from Modcloth would do the trick.

3) I adore this "I Love You" Embroidery Hoop Art from Hudson Valley local Kitsch and Stitch.

4) It is no secret that I love me some handmade soap and I like to keep stock regularly so I never run out. So a nice gift set like this one from Right Soap won't tell me you think I stink but that you think I'm pretty neat. 

5) How adorable are these Pink and Red Heart Paper Straws? I wouldn't use them, I would just put them in a glass Mason jar and keep them out as a display in my kitchen.

6) Not very Valentine-y but you bring me a pink and gold pineapple from Hodi Home Decor and I'm going to be pretty stoked.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Hudson Valley - Shop Local

Pulp Sushi Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Today's gift guide is dedicated to the local artists, makers and shakers that live in the Hudson Valley of New York. I feel more creative and artistically inspired living here than I ever did growing up in NYC. Fact.

LmI absolutely love the work of L and M Studio from Catskill, NY.  Their clean, slick, modern design can still work with any decor.

Screen shot 2014-11-19 at 10.40.41 AM

I discovered Outlaw Franky on Instagram from Plattekill, NY.  They create luxury goods for the home from candles, pillows, and throw blankets, soft and cozy!


I am easily mesmerized by pretty fabrics even though I don't sew ever.  Thank goodness for Dewey Howard from Tuxedo Park who brings an exciting collection of hand silk screened note cards, artist prints, journals, and home accessories. You can also visit their site at

I feature a lot of my favorite handmade soap regulars on my blog.  I'm always excited to discover a new one and local at that.  Hudson Naturals (Gardiner, NY) make their soap with 100% unrefined Avocado Oil!


Wishbone Letterpress is a wife and husband duo (Danielle & Joe) and may be one of my favorite businesses to follow in the Hudson Valley working out of Kingston (which is the new Brooklyn??).  Plus Danielle is one of the founders of the Hudson Valley Hullabaloo so woohoo to you!  Speaking of Hullabaloo, it's this weekend! 


Talk about shopping local! This two day event in Kingston will be blast and I am so excited to be a vendor.  I'll be ending things on the blog early this week as I get ready so have a great weekend everyone and I'll check back with you on  Monday! 


Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Gifts For Men

Despite popular belief, men do not have to be hard to shop for.  I didn't want to get all nitch on you and target the sports fanatic or Star Wars historian but I think these ideas can cater to a range of fellas.


Pulp Sushi 2014 Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts For Men

How about a Spirited Cheers Flask to quench their thirst? Not saying they have a problem or anything, it doesn't HAVE to contain alcohol ya know? They can even keep it empty and just pretend. It looks cool! ;)

Pulp Sushi 2014 Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts For Men

Maybe you know a guy who is letting their beard grow for November, that's cool, but it can get a little out of control if not groomed around the edges. Use the good stuff from Dirty Deeds Soap with yummy scents like Lavender Sage, Vanilla Sandalwood, Wintermint Ale, and more. Ladies like their men to smell good, not like cigarettes and sweat.

Pulp Sushi 2014 Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts For Men

You can never go wrong with a cool Vintage gift.  It's unique, has history, and can still be functional like these Vintage Wood Cigar Boxes from Haven Vintage

Pulp Sushi 2014 Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts For Men

A great practical gift for the man always on the go is a water bottle. I thought of this the other day when I saw Mike's water bottle in the refrigerator. He takes it to work with him everyday. I found a cool Harmony Water Bottle from Wild and Wolf. 

Feel like making a gift? A Beautiful Mess posted a really cool tutorial last week on how to make a Leather Mason Jar Sleeve

Pulp Sushi 2014 Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts For Men

Pulp Sushi 2014 Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts For Men

And last, how about the gift that keeps on giving? I'm talking about a subscription box!  They're not just for women.  From Dollar Shave Club, NerdBlock to Mantry - there are so many options catering to different interests and lifestyles. 

Check out my HOME Holiday Gift Guide I shared last week for more ideas! 

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: For The Home

Today is the first of my Holiday Gift Guide series and I'm so excited to share! The first collection of gift ideas are for the HOME.  I just love shopping for home gifts don't you?


*meep* Yes this item made me *meep*.  I have six blankets located at random places in my apartment waiting to be used, because I'm always cold and need a blanket nearby like Linus from The Peanuts.  This Milky White Cable Knit blanket from Idea To Box is SO gorgeous!  They also have the pattern for sale if you are feeling bold enough to take this on yourself. 



Screen shot 2014-10-28 at 10.47.30 AM


This storage container from ModCloth is pretty cool. It helps to clear clutter and if you display it right, you look like an avid reader!

Apron Apron2

I wish I was better in the kitchen, I really do. I have my moments when dishes I prepare actually work out, but I'm not 100% comfortable yet in the kitchen. You might know people like this too? SUCK UK Apron Cooking Guide is a fun gift to help build cooking confidence.  SUCK UK has a lot of fun kitchen ideas that would make great gifts.

This is a sweet gift for the first time home owners in your life.  Give them a custom wood photo ornament from Memories For Life

BAM! Here's a splash of color for the holidays!  Throw pillows can do a lot to change a room. Handmade throw pillows can be expensive and pricey to ship so The Room Kit has made it easy for you.  They have a variety of pillow covers available for sale.  You can purchase the pillow inserts at your local craft store or take one of your current throw pillows and give it a makeover!

Want to be included in one of my Holiday Gift Guides this year? Click here to find out how

*This post contains affilate links.  If you click on a affiliate link and make a purchase, I may get a commission from that purchase.

My Autumn Must Haves

After a few days of hazy, hot and humid grossness, I'm happy to see the somewhat mild Summer coming to an end. Autumn is my favorite time if the year. It is the best time for food, fashion, and spooky stuff.

Halloween decorations, pumpkin flavored everything, boots, scarves, tights are on my list of favorite things to look forward to. What a great opportunity to put a guide together.

Screen shot 2014-09-09 at 10.33.18 AM

Of course I'll start with boots! Who doesn't love boots? ModCloth now has "Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life" Boots, no joke, that's the name!  While you're at ModCloth, check out their Halloween shop for costume and decoration ideas, or if you're like me, just to have quirky spooky stuff all year long.

Talk about COZY! Check out this lovely hand knit caplet from Elena Rosenberg.  The detail she puts in her work is simply stunning.

A little more pumpkin for you in the form of Pumpkin Ale Soap from Beyond The Picket Fence. Snatch this up quick!

Wr_grey_small-tote1_originalYou are going to need a big bag when grabbing all of your Fall Harvest goodies at the Farmer's Market.  Look chic with a tote from Jenn Eng

And last, where would you be without some fingerless gloves? Check out adKnits for some gorgeous natural fiber goodies, maybe some boot cuffs for your "Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life" boots? :) 

Hope you enjoyed my picks!  Feel free to share what your favorite thing about Fall is in the comments. 

Back To School Gift Guide

I didn't want to be like Target and jump on the "Back to School" wagon in early July. No, I waited until mid-August because when I was little, that's when I started to hear about the back to school sales and when me and my mom would go shopping for new clothes, school supplies and such.  Getting school supplies were so much easier back in the day (I'm old you see....). 

I thought it would be kinda fun to put a list together of things I would get if I were getting ready to go back to school now. 


Do students still actually write down notes?  I was a serious note taker but never had pencils this cool from Rowhouse 14.  Let others know how you really feel! 



Of course you need a cool bag and it doesn't get cooler than studs and vintage right? Check out more cool bags from Flamingo Maude.


Duh! Coffee! Unless I was still in high school then it would be a can of Pepsi but then again I think high school kids drink coffee now. Bread and Badger has some great travel mugs available with a bunch of cool designs. I picked the shark because sharks are cool. 

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 10.23.27 AM

To go along with my previous question about writing, do the kiddies even use notebooks anymore? Laptops are heavy but not nearly as heavy as carrying a bunch of books.  If I had to carry a laptop with me, I'd have to swank it out a little with some color from Kidecals.

Hope you enjoyed my picks....I'm kinda glad I don't have to worry about buying school supplies anymore, phew!  Have a good weekend!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from Pulp Sushi

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, there's still time to get a nice gift, maybe a piece of jewelry for the one you love (or for yourself, like RuPaul says - If you can't love yo'self....).  Here are some pieces I pulled from the shop I think would make a sweet Valentine's Day gift.  Also available on Etsy...

Heart and Key charm necklace because, you know, hearts and stuff is always a win.

Red Roses OF COURSE! Only these flowers won't die after two days and they look super cute on you.

Round Locket Necklace - one of the nicest things I've heard was a women who purchased this necklace at a fair said she was going to keep her husband's hair in the locket. Very sweet!

Besides the colors being very Valentine-ish, some folks would rather look at skulls than cutesy hearts and a naked baby with a bow and arrow.  I love it all! 

Don't forget, you can use code BLOG20 any time at either my shop or in the Etsy shop to get 20% off your purchase!