Social Media Coffee Buzz: Before You Start, Plan Ahead!

If you're going to dive in to Social Media, you better have some kind of plan. I didn't have a plan and I have learned from that mistake.  Do you make a list before you go grocery shopping? Or go on a vacation without a guide or map?  The point is, there are things we do which is better if we plan for it ahead of time.  


Your Username

I had enough sense to use the same username "pulpsushi" for all of my accounts.  I can barely keep track of my passwords let alone different user names. It makes designing my business card pretty easy:  


At first, my Instagram was just random pictures I took in order to make them look artsy. Eventually I started sharing items from my shop when they were new.  My Instagram was a "catch all" of my interest, hobbies, silly pictures, personal stuff, shop images and promotional graphics, it was all over the place. 

Back in January, I talked about stepping up my Instagram game.  This was when I realized that my overall Instagram page plays a big role in my "Pulp Sushi" image.  I can still celebrate things that inspires me but you will not see too many personal images. I also stick to the same filters now too so my images have a cohesive look, which lately has been kind of dark.  So think about how you want your Instagram to appear when someone checks you out for the first time.

When I started Facebook, I just had a profile, there were no pages, and status updates were just dumb, trivial things like "Having a nice, big cup of coffee to start the day." Like really, who cares??   Then there's the hesitation of sharing my Etsy updates - should I bother my friends and family with this?  I still hear folks ask this.  Pages are made specifically to promote your business and hang out with your customer base.  I do most of my shop and blog promoting on my Facebook page but will occasionally share on my personal profile. 

Websites have almost become secondary. When I hear about a new restaurant in the area and I look them up online, the search results will most likely show me a link to their Facebook or Twitter page before an actual website link. Some businesses don't even bother with an official websites anymore and just use Facebook as their main page.

Here is a great Social Media plan you can stick to from Handmade Success.

Some questions for you to think about: 
- What are your goals in signing up for Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, etc.?
- How often are you online? 
- Who is your audience? 
- Are you in introvert or extrovert?
- Do you like to take pictures? 
- Do you like to write? 
- Do you have a smart phone? 
- What is your daily/weekly schedule like? 
There is no right answer for any of these questions but it's a good place to start if you are unsure how or where to begin.